About Me

As a pear shaped lady who loves fashion, I have struggled for many years to find pants that fit properly, as well as outfits that flatter.  For years I stuck to jeans by St.Johns Bay because they were the only ones that fit me right off the rack.  Any attempt at pants ended up with me doing a bit of creative “mending” to take them in at the waist in order for me to buy them in a size that accommodated my rear and upper thighs.  I was never sure what to wear on top in order to disguise my larger lower half, but after many experiments and endless tries, I feel that I’ve finally ended up with a wardrobe that both fits me well and is fairly flattering to my shape.

Although I am still very much a work in progress, I created this blog to try to provide the pear shaped ladies out there like myself with ideas for how to dress your shape.  I’ll offer links to sites where I purchased some of the items if still available if you like anything you see.

I live in the Pacific Northwest with my husband.

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