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Fall Outfits

Fall is definitely here and I’m full embracing the colors and fabrics.  I do feel that I can better use my budget by picking things out myself and finding good deals.  Stitch Fix has high prices if you’re not keeping all 5 items and I just haven’t been happy with the picks lately.  I’m also not loving any of the chosen items for the upcoming Golden Tote and think I’ll skip it.

I Love Your Dress” Dress from Modcloth 

I Love Your Dress from Modcloth

Plum and mustard is my favorite fall combo of colors.  The dress is a soft knit and I’ve seen a lot of people get this dress from Stitch Fix.  Since I wasn’t getting what I asked for I just went directly through ModCloth.

Dress from Target

target dress

Target has some really cute fall stuff right now.  I found this dress along with a few sweaters that I picked up last week.  I paired this with old grey boots and the faux leather jacket I got from my last stitch fix.

Boho Top from Target

fall top

I also picked up this rust colored bohemian style top from Target.  Very soft and flowy.

Old Navy Cap Sleeve Sheath Dress

old navy dress

Again, loving the combo with mustard in the fall.  This dress is quite flattering and I got it for only $10 with sales and rewards!

ModCloth – Pretty Package Dress in Spanish Tile

ModCloth Pretty Package Dress

Love the colors of this one too.  The cowl neck top is flattering for a pear shaped body.

Loft Dress

Loft burgundy dress

This is one of my favorite new fall dresses.  It’s a silk fabric and the color is so rich.  Paired with a cardigan from Loft.

Loft Orange Skirt

Loft Orange Skirt

The color of this is much nicer in person than on the website.  It’s a deep orange.  The silky fabric is nice and flowy and I paired it with a knit military style jacket from Old Navy.

Old Navy Sweater

old navy sweater

This is an old navy sweater, paired with an older scarf I got from a PopSugar Must Have box, a watch from Charming Charlie, and the flats are Crocs.

Loft Silk Dress

silk dress Loft

LOVE this dress.  The fabric, the pattern, everything.  I can see me wearing it in winter with black tights.

Loft Dress

loft dress

This dress is fun for work and felt very office appropriate.  Looks a little shorter here than it felt on.

Work Capris and a red sweater

Kohls Capris

I got these curvy Capris from Elle at Kohls last year and was so happy to find curvy fit pants that were cute.  I paired them with this red sweater from Banana Republic.

Rocking Shoes from DSW

Shoes from DSW

The best part of this outfit is the shoes.  They are a nice low heel and I love the details.  The jacket is older and the red shell is from Golden Tote as a surprise item.  Jeans from Old Navy.  I’m loving the new curvy skinny jeans, after I washed these they were a bit more fitted.



More Summer outfits

Here are a few things I’ve been wearing to beat the heat.

Boden Skirt and top

Boden Skirt and Top

I love this skirt and I paired it with a soft knit blouse also from Boden.  Great summer work outfit.

Old Navy Maxi Dress

Maxi Dress from Old NavyI was so happy to find this dress at Old Navy.  It fits really nicely and the fabric is a soft stretchy knit.  Great find!

Golden Tote top and white jean shorts

Golden Tote and Loft

The top is from Golden Tote and is still available in the July tote.  It came in some really cute other prints too.  The shorts are curvy fit from Loft and a very happy find.  It’s hard to find shorts that work and these were just long enough for work, paired with a jacket for the AC.

Boden Summer Skirt 

Boden Summer Skirt

I love this Boden Summer Skirt from Boden.  It also happens to be on clearance now.

Summer Shorts from Old Navy 

Old Navy Shorts

These shorts are really outside of my comfort zone, but they are so comfortable and soft.  When it’s 90 plus degrees outside it’s a great way to look fashionable and stay cool.



April Golden Tote Review

My Golden Tote for April arrived on May 1st.  (They keep slipping dates with the launches which is starting to put them into the next month.)  This month I was extremely excited for the black spring chic maxi dress but when I tried to get a tote on the launch day, the site (as usual) had tons of problems and kept timing out and leaving things out of the cart and several hours later when I was finally able to get it working they had sold out of all sizes of the black maxi.  They restocked a week later but they only had small left by the time I got to the site so I decided I’d try to make it work.

What I ordered clearly stated on my receipt:

  • Spring Chic Maxi Dress
  • Bring on Spring Sweatshirt in white with pineapple and palm tree print

What I got:

  • Spring Chic maxi dress
  • Bring on Spring Sweatshirt in BLUE with anchors and boats

I was not very happy that they sent me the wrong item, but when I went to the site they were all sold out of the white one in my size.

The Tote

Golden Tote April 2015


Spring Chic Maxi Dress – size small

Golden Tote April 2015

Golden Tote April 2015

Because I ended up ordering the small, the gathered elastic waist was a bit tight and uncomfortable.  I have since made a few alterations on the dress and let out the elastic at the front sides so it’s much more comfortable now.  After I put this dress on I feel like it makes me look like I have man arms so I’m not as happy with it as I expected.

Bring on Spring Sweatshirt – Blue NOT white as ordered

Golden Tote April 2015

Golden Tote April 2015

I have to say, this is the softest thing I’ve ever worn.  I immediately wore it the day I tried it on and am wearing it this morning as I type up my review.  SO soft and cozy.  I wish it was the white color, but I’m happy nevertheless.  I ended up ordering this in a small since on the larger model it looked really over-sized in a medium and I the small definitely works.

Oat & Fawn Animal Print Blouse – Pugs

Golden Tote April 2015

Golden Tote April 2015


It’s a little bizarre to have a pug print on the blouse since I don’t have a dog, but its cute nevertheless.  I like the print from a distance and the fit is okay.  It’s a little loose and large but I think a smaller size would have been tight across the shoulders.

Renee C Blouse with Chevron Print Sleeves and Back

Golden Tote April 2015

Golden Tote April 2015


The front fabric on this is a little scratchy but the back and sleeves are soft.  I like the print and the shape, I’ll probably wear it to work this week.

Ellison Candy Print Button Down

Golden Tote April 2015

Golden Tote April 2015

While I don’t love the tunic length on this, the color and print and super cute.  The fabric is also nice and soft.  I’ll just have to wear a wide belt with it to give me some shape and definition.  Maybe with white jeans?

Jella C Lace Flared Midi Skirt

Golden Tote April 2015

Golden Tote April 2015

Love the fabric and the fit, just not sure what to wear with this?  I was thinking maybe a muted pink tee and an army jacket?  Not sure what to pair this one with.  Also it’s a bit see through…

Overall Impressions

Overall, I think this was a decent tote.  I LOVE the blue sweatshirt and the black dress will be good now that I’ve done alterations.  The pug blouse and white chevron print blouse will be good for work and the green blouse maybe for weekends.  I am looking forward to the May Golden Tote which launches on May 11th, but I’ve only seen a few previews so far.


Summer Dresses

I’ve been wearing a ton of dresses to work lately and decided to do a post with links to some of them since there are a lot of summer sales going on right now.

New York and Company

Floral Dress - New York and Company
Floral Dress – New York and Company

I bought this dress back in the spring and it sold out quickly, but I love the pattern and fit.  The shoes are new and currently on clearance at Naturalizer.

ShoesNaturalizer Episode $39.99

Boden Retro Dress

Boden Monte Carlo Dress
Boden – Monte Carlo Dress

I got this dress in a long length and love how comfortable it was for work.  The fabric is soft and the style is very retro.

Dress – Boden Monte Carlo Dress $84 on sale

Boden Yellow Dress

Boden - Flowershop Dress
Boden – Flowershop Dress 

I wore this dress without any topper and with a lightweight jacket from Loft in the Air conditioning at work.

Boden - Flowershop Dress
Boden – Flowershop Dress with jacket

Dress – Boden Flowershop dress in Daffodil Dotty spot $62.30 on sale

Jacket – Loft Linen Cotton Denim Jacket $79.50 without sale

Boden Gingham Dress

Boden - Gingham Shirt Dress
Boden – Gingham Shirt Dress

I love the color and fit of this dress.  Great for the air conditioning but cool enough to wear outside.

Dress – Boden Gingham Shirt Dress in Grassy Green Gingham $102.40 on sale

Golden Tote June Dress

Golden Tote Dress
Golden Tote Dress

And finally, I wore the dress from my last Golden Tote when we were going out to dinner on vacation last weekend.  It was one of the surprise items, and I ended up liking it better than the dress I had picked.

Shoes – Naturalizer Dafny $69.99 on sale

May Outfits

Here are some of the things I’ve been wearing this month.

Old Navy printed tee
Old Navy printed tee

I love these T-shirts available at Old Navy right now.  I got it in all three colors, mint, white and pink.  They are on sale right now for only $8.

Banana Republic Gemma Dress
Banana Republic Gemma Dress

I wore this dress for a big presentation to some higher ups, but when I got to work in the morning I found out the presentation was postponed.  I’ll have to pull it back out when it gets rescheduled.

Stitch Fix Wrap Dress
Stitch Fix Wrap Dress

I seriously love this dress.  The fabric is so nice and it lays nicely and is the perfect length.

Stitch Fix Wrap Top
Stitch Fix Wrap Top and necklace

I had mixed feelings about this wrap top from Stitch Fix.  It looks cute from some angles and my husband told me it was flattering, but then I’d catch a glimpse in the mirror at other times and have to readjust because it was not sitting in a flattering way.  It is soft and comfortable though.

Banana Republic Factory top
Banana Republic Factory top and necklace

I bought this top and necklace when I was in Hawaii at the factory shops.  I love the colors and the silky fabric.  It paired well with a navy cardigan.

Orange Gap Dress
Orange Gap Dress

I bought this dress last year and never wore it.  I had such reservations but decided to pull it out this year and wear it at least once.  It’s cute on and the color and pattern are nice, but it’s too short for me to feel comfortable and when I sit down it hikes way up which was uncomfortable at work when we have casual meetings in my office with me facing people in my chair.  I have already donated it to charity after a closet clean out.

Boden Dress
Boden Easy Day Dress

I love Boden and this dress is fabulous.  The fabric is soft and I love the polka dot pattern.  It also came in a long length which is perfect for me to wear to work.  I threw on a soft purple cardigan and some black wedge sandals and was comfortable at work.  It’s on clearance right now for $70.56.

Boden Riviera Shirt Dress
Boden Riviera Shirt Dress

I also really love this dress which is also currently on clearance for $70.56.  I felt very chic wearing this to work and love the way it flatters my figure.

Stitch Fix Top and Mint Jeans
Stitch Fix Top and Mint Jeans

I wore this new stitch fix top with mint jeans as the cards had suggested and a jean jacket.  I liked the overall look.