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Reviews of my monthly subscription to PopSugar

May PopSugar Must Have review

The May  PopSugar Must have box arrived this week and it had some pretty good picks.

PopSugar Must Have Box May


PopSugar Must Have Box May

Sisters of Los Angeles – Surf Sand Love Beach Towel $40

PopSugar Must Have Box May

I like the colors of this beach towel, but when I held it up it was shorter than me so I couldn’t really use it to lay out on.  I’ll probably be giving this one away since we already have a ton of beach towels.

Middle Kingdom – Mini Plum Vase in Coral Red $20

PopSugar Must Have Box MayThis is a cute little bud vase and I put it on the banquette behind our kitchen table.  It matches a painting I have there.

Kitsch – Tri’d & True Y-Shaped Necklace $32

PopSugar Must Have Box MayCute packaging and a nice silver delicate necklace.  Not sure what to wear it with yet.

Sage & Row – Bare Shave Cream $17  + Batiste – Dry Shampoo $4

PopSugar Must Have Box May

The shave cream has a nice light fresh scent and the dry shampoo is supposed to smell like cherry but it was more like cherry mixed with soap?

Hammond’s Candles – McCraw’s Flat Taffy $1

PopSugar Must Have Box May


I got banana flavor.  I ate about half of it but it was getting really stuck in my teeth so I gave up half way through.  Fun item though.

Overall I think this was a pretty decent box this month.  I like the dry shampoo, the vase and the necklace.  I didn’t care for the beach towel but it wasn’t awful.  I still think it’s worth the $39.95 for a few surprise items that are worth more than that together.



PopSugar Must Have Box April

The April  PopSugar Must have box has arrived, and this time I’d rate it as “so-so”.

April PopSugar Must Have BoxIt looks like the theme is along the lines of “April showers bring May…herbs?”

April PopSugar Must Have Box

Dabney Lee – Dottie Umbrella $20

April PopSugar Must Have Box

I love this!  It’s navy blue with white polka dots and a pink handle.  Plus it has an auto open and close feature.  I’m really curious to see how it auto closes but I haven’t tried it in the house yet.

One Love Organics – Gardenia + Tea Antioxidant Body Serum  $39

April PopSugar Must Have Box

The packaging is a strange little spray bottle and it promises to help moisturize your skin.  After sitting in the sun on my vacation my skin has really started drying out so I sprayed some on my legs this morning and rubbed it in.  It has an oily texture and smells quite nice.  It didn’t do much for moisture though and I need to add some body lotion to my legs, but I’m really dry right now.

Produce Candles – Rhubarb Spring Candle  $20

April PopSugar Must Have Box

This has a very subtle natural scent and I think my husband might even be okay with me burning it in the kitchen.  (He’s generally opposed to things that have any scent.)  I’ll give this a try next time I want to neutralize kitchen odors.

Flip & Tumble – 24/7 Bag – $12

April PopSugar Must Have Box

I already have a few of these bags, my Mom got me hooked a while back.  I don’t have this color so I’m happy to add it to my collection.  I usually stash one in my purse so I can use it when I’m out shopping or when I need to throw a few extra things in to transport back and forth to work.  I love reusable bags.  This also came with a coupon for my next purchase from flip & tumble.

Potting Shed Creations – Garden-in-a-bag Basil – $10

April PopSugar Must Have Box

I’m not a huge fan of Basil, but I do love gardening and growing things so I’ll get this started right away.  It’s a pretty cool idea to have an herb garden you can grow in a bag.

Mott 50 – $25 gift card

April PopSugar Must Have Box

This one went straight in the trash after I visited their website.  It’s all super expensive and nothing I’d be interested in.  Rash guards and expensive cover ups.  No thanks.

Overall, it’s not my favorite box, but I like the body serum and umbrella and the candle smells nice so I feel that it was worth the money.  I still love getting surprises each month.


March PopSugar Must Have Box

The March PopSugar Must have box has arrived.  The theme this time was a vacation or getaway which I just came back from.  🙂

Here’s what was in this month’s box.

March PopSugar Must Have Box

March PopSugar Must Have Box

Bliss – Micromagic Microdermabrasion Treatment  $48

March PopSugar Must Have Box

I have tried various face scrubs in the past but have not yet tried this one.  I’ll give it a try and see how it compares to Origins Modern Friction and Josie Maran Argan cleansing powder.

Update: I didn’t care for this scrub.  It had some ingredient in it that makes your skin feel tingly (like toothpaste has) but it did nothing for the pores on my nose.  I think the tingle is meant to distract you and make you feel like it’s doing something more than it actually is plus I don’t like having extra chemicals in my skincare products.

Greenmarket Purveying Co. – The archivist Lemon + Cucumber Reed Diffuser Kit  $20

March PopSugar Must Have Box

This has a nice refreshing smell and I could see myself using it in the spare bedroom.

Update: I set this up in our spare bedroom and it actually made the whole house smell!  It’s a pleasant fruity smell so I don’t mind but was surprised at how strong it was.

Samudra – Pink Pina Zip Pouch $40

March PopSugar Must Have Box

I love the pink plastic of this and it reminds me of things I had back in the 80’s.  I’m not sure what I’ll put in it, but it’s very cute.

Knock Knock – What to Pack Pad $7

March PopSugar Must Have Box

This would have been useful for my trip had I not already created a OneNote file that contains a full list of everything I pack when I go on a trip.  I created a special OneNote file for travel this time and already have a full personalized packing list.  This one is too generic for me having just “tops” or “makeup”.  I like my full personalized list better.

Wet Brush – The Squirt  $4.99

March PopSugar Must Have Box

I’ll definitely give this a try.  With my long hair I’m often fighting with tangles after a shower.

Update: I LOVE this brush! I used it after I washed my hair and it was so gentle on the tangles I ended up pulling out a lot less hair in the process.  Normally brushing my hair leads to a ton of hair on the brush, but not with this.  I sent one to my Mom to try.

Halfpops – Halfpopped Popcorn  $1.69

March PopSugar Must Have Box

I think I’ve tried these before and liked them.  I’m a huge fan of popcorn so these are right up my alley.

Update: I think I tried these in the cheese flavor before.  The butter and salt version is just sort of bland.

Benefit Cosmetics – Roller Lash Mascara and POREfessional – sample

March PopSugar Must Have Box

I haven’t tried this mascara yet (I usually don’t wear any because it irritates my eyes) but the lady at the benefit counter was pushing this when I was purchasing some sunscreen.  I’ll try it once and see how my eyes react to it.  I think I’ve tried POREfessional in the past and just thought it was “enh”.

Overall this was a good box but not my favorite.  I’m excited to try the face scrub and brush and the pink bag is cute.  I’m excited to see what will come next month.  I’m hoping it will be a spring themed box now that spring is here.

February PopSugar Must Have Box

The February PopSugar Must Have box with it’s Valentine’s Day theme might be my favorite yet!

PopSugar Must Have Box February

Here’s what I got.

Tarte Cosmetics – Amazonian Clay 12-hr Blush $26

PopSugar Must Have Box February

I’ve tried some of the other Tarte blushes and liked them and this color is a nice bright rosy pink.  I’ve been using this daily since I got it.

U.S. Apothecary – Rose Water Bubble Bath $30PopSugar Must Have Box February

I love the bottle and presentation of this bubble bath but unfortunately I’m not a fan of rose scented anything so I ended up giving this item away.

ACME Party Box Company – Bamboo Heart Cutting Board and Cheese Knife $32

PopSugar Must Have Box February

I love this little cutting board.  I’ve been having some different cheeses lately so this will definitely get used.

BaubleBar – Mini-Arrow Pendant Necklace $32

PopSugar Must Have Box February

This also came with a 30% off your next order coupon which I think I’ll be using.  This necklace is super cute and I’m wearing it today.  It goes well with an arrow bracelet from Gorjana that I got for Valentines Day.  I took a look at their site and they have some really nice delicate gold jewelry.

Figs & Rouge – 100% Natural Balm $8

PopSugar Must Have Box February

I love lip balm and this one is nice and gentle.  The cherry scent is subtle and I like the balm.  I’ve been using this at night before I go to bed and wake up with soft lips.

Chuao Chocolatier – Ravishing Rocky Road Bar $6

PopSugar Must Have Box February

This was delicious while it lasted!  I liked the bits of marshmallow and almonds.

Sally Beauty – FingerPaints nail color $5.50

PopSugar Must Have Box February

I haven’t tried this yet so can’t really review it.  I typically go for muted pinks for my nails but I’ll try this at some point.

Overall I think the PopSugar Must Have box is a pretty good deal and enjoy opening it each month to see the surprises.

PopSugar Must Have Box January2015

It’s been a while since I last posted but wanted to get a chance to share what was in my latest  PopSugar Must Have Box for January.

PopSugar Must Have Box January 2015

PopSugar Must Have Box January 2015

Jack and Lucy – Pom Pom Hat $32

PopSugar Must Have Box January 2015

The hat was pretty cute, but I had just bought a new hat before travelling for the holidays and one of my goals for this year is to purge my house of un-needed and un-used items I gave this away to a local charity.  Cute hat though.

First Aid Beauty – Ultra Repair Cream $28

PopSugar Must Have Box January 2015

This is a large jar of skin cream.  I’ve only used it once so far but should try to remember to use it again since my skin gets super dry in the winter.

KeepCup – Brew 12-oz Reuseable Coffee Cup  $26

PopSugar Must Have Box January 2015

While I don’t drink coffee, I do drink tea and this might be a cute way to travel with a hot beverage.  It’s currently sitting in my cupboard waiting to be used.

Manduka – eQua Hand Towel $16

PopSugar Must Have Box January 2015

This is a great compact towel for use during yoga, but I’ve never found myself in need of this when doing the type or relaxed pre-meditation yoga I do so I also gave this away.

ToGoSpa – Eyes $12.50

PopSugar Must Have Box January 2015

I’m saving these for a day when I want to just relax and pamper myself.  Seems like a cool idea.

Skin Jewel Tattoos – Empire $18

PopSugar Must Have Box January 2015

These are cool looking in the package but I haven’t used any of them yet.  Maybe when I go to Hawaii in the spring?

General Mills – Nature Valley Protein Granola $3.68

PopSugar Must Have Box January 2015

Peanut butter and chocolate?  Two of my favorite things!  I gave this a try but only ate a small amount because I started a low carb diet this month and this doesn’t exactly fit into that.  Pretty good tasting though.

Overall, the items in this box were okay.  It wasn’t my favorite box, but I also happened to be in a house purging mood so I got rid of items pretty quickly.  I’m still excited to see what February brings.  Maybe there will be a valentines theme?

PopSugar Must Have December Box

The December PopSugar box has arrived, all full of sparkle and shine.

PopSugar Must Have Box December

PopSugar Must Have Box December

Here are the items.

SPUN by Subtle Luxury – Speckled Metallic Scarf $62

PopSugar Must Have Box December

This is a nice lightweight scarf with just the right amount of shine for the holidays.  I’ll probably pack it for my upcoming trip back to see family.

Canvas Dauville – Platinum Bowl $29

PopSugar Must Have Box December

The interior of this bowl is intensely shiny and very pretty next to the tree.

Sparklepop – Sydney necklace $42

PopSugar Must Have Box December

This is a long gold necklace with a clear stone at the end.  This will look nice with some of my items from Golden Tote.

Smashbox – Be Legendary Long-Wear Lip Lacquer $24

PopSugar Must Have Box DecemberThe color looks a little dark on this, but I’ll give it a try today.

Knot & Bow – Parcel tags $4

PopSugar Must Have Box December

I’ll add these to my gift wrapping supplies.

Williams-Sonoma – Cupcake Mix in Vanilla Bean $14.95

PopSugar Must Have Box December

Yum!  I’ll add some chocolate frosting and it will be my favorite cupcake combination.


For $39.95 a month, the PopSugar Must have box has consistently been a good value.  I’ve gotten some really nice things from the boxes, and it usually matches my taste.  This month, my favorites were the scarf, bowl and necklace.