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Sunny End to the Week

It looks like we may have one more day of sun before the clouds and gloom take over again for the next 9 months or so.  At least that’s what the weather forecasters say, so far I only see clouds and grey.  Living in the Pacific Northwest feels a little bit like living in the Game of Thrones landscape where we all dread the coming dark season.  “The Winter is Coming…”

I was able to get one last sunny outfit in last week with this mustard colored skirt from ModCloth and an older embellished Tee from JCrew and cardigan.

Mustard skirtThe Skirt

Curry your Enthusiasm – ModCloth $32.99

Stitch Fix #4

I’m sad to say that this was my least favorite stitch fix to date.  Of the 5 items they sent, I only kept 2 this time.  I’m left with an overall feeling of disappointment because I had been looking forward to some great things to wear on an upcoming trip, but nothing really worked.  I had specifically asked for tops that would look good with jeans and sneakers since I’ll be doing a ton of walking, so I was expecting some cute layer-able knits.  Instead I got a bunch of ill-fitting blouses and tank tops that made me look fat and lumpy and bumpy.  (Never a good way to end to your day.)

Stitch Fix #4Here’s the breakdown.

Stitch Fix #4Three poly blend blouses, one crochet tank, and a funky faux sash tank.

Mystree Westley Crochet Overlay Tank $58

crochet top

The card suggested pairing it with a purple cardigan and dark jeans, so I grabbed a similarly hued cardigan and tried it on.  The top is cute and a nice soft knit, but it hits at that awkward spot at the top of my hips and will only be passable if I’m also wearing a longer cardigan over the top.  Otherwise it emphasizes my widest part and is not flattering.  I decided to keep this one since I think it will look cute with black skinny jeans in the fall.

Daniel Rainn Tyson Abstract Print Stud Button Blouse $68

navy blouseI liked the pattern on this one and the fit is flattering, but it definitely doesn’t go with jeans and sneakers so it won’t be going with me on the trip.  Nevertheless, it was cute so I’ll hang on to it.

Collective Concepts Garret Brush Stroke Print Peplum Blouse $68

brush blouseI hated the fit on this one.  In my last communication with the stylist she had asked what part of my body I wanted to emphasize since I had mostly pointed out what I wanted to cover/disguise.  I said my waist, so now I see several overt attempts at tops that were trying to emphasize a waist.  Unfortunately I hate the way elastic waist tops look, they just poof out all wrong and require a lot of uncomfortable “fussing” during the day, and it just wasn’t flattering.  It didn’t hit me at my natural waist so the shape was all wrong, not to mention it didn’t flatter my lower half again.  It was too bad because the print was really nice.  Again this is not something I’d pair with jeans and sneakers for a vacation though.  Not very breathable.

Collective Concepts Bradman Abstract Chevron Print Blouse $48

Hi Lo Top
Hi Lo No!

This top had a cute print and looked dreadful on.  Hi-Lo tops do not work for pear shapes, since it happens to hit right above the widest part of me and just emphasizes that area.  It looked just awful and I knew right away it was a no.

Mystree Tommie Colorblock Peplum Tank Top $28

ms america top
Ms. America reject

This was the absolute worst.  Not only did it look something like a Ms.America reject with the faux sash, but where it hit on my body once again emphasized the biggest part of me.  Maybe it flattered my waist, but I’m more concerned about the whole picture.

Overall this was my most disappointing fix, and I wasn’t able to schedule the next one until a month out.  It looks like business must be picking up for them.  I really hope that for the next one I can get some nice fall knits in autumn colors and maybe a piece of jewelry.  I’m hoping fix #5 will be a keeper.

Heat Wave!

Taking advantage of this heat wave we’re having, I decided to wear a new skirt from Modcloth in a bright green color with a white tee and cardigan.  I fear it is the last chance I’ll have to wear it this year, but was lucky I was able to fit it in the rotation.  While I love the fit and color of the skirt, I’m not thrilled with the very wrinkle prone fabric which is a blend of linen and polyester.  The cute bow won me over in the end.

Green skirt

Where to buy the skirt: Musee Rodin Skirt – ModCloth $34.99

Striped skirt and White Blazer

Keeping with my theme of white after Labor Day, I wore one of my favorite skirts this week with a white blazer.  I love the navy and white stripes on the skirt, as well as the flare fit which works well with pear shaped bodies.  I just tucked in a lightweight navy blue tee with it and threw on a long necklace and I was ready for work.

Striped skirt and white blazer

Next week I get my next stitch fix and I can’t wait to see what I get!  I’m hoping for some great new fall pieces even though I’m clinging on to summer for the last few days it’s here.

Keds for Kate Spade

Yesterday I took a break from work to do a little shopping and fell in love with these adorable shoes from Kate Spade.  The brand has partnered up with Keds to make a line of patterned and stylish sneakers.  I really liked some of the patterns from last year as well with squiggles and polka dots, but decided to go for it when I saw this pair.  They came with an extra pair of shoe laces in yellow, but I think I like the off white ones best.

Keds for Kate Spade

Keds for Kate Spade Keds for Kate Spade

Gathered Waist Dress

The weather here has been extremely humid and muggy.  The temperatures haven’t been all that high, but I hate that muggy feeling when the humidity is in the 90% range.  I decided to wear something on the cooler side to try to stay comfortable at work, and picked this dress and jewel toned cardigan from Ann Taylor Loft.  At first I was going to wear a pair of black sandals but decided to play off of the blue in the cardigan and wear these blue heels instead.  I felt very polished and professional.

gathered waist dress

Where to get the look:

Side Shirred dress – Ann Taylor Loft $69.50, currently 50% off

3/4 sleeve pima cotton cardigan – Ann Taylor Loft $44.50, currently 50% off