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My missing Stitch Fix has appeared!

This afternoon we were pulling away from the house to go grab some lunch, and what did I see on my porch?  A stitch fix box!!  Apparently the one that was packed on 2/5 somehow magically made it’s way to my house.  I eagerly opened it up to see what was inside, and while I wasn’t thrilled with what I saw, I ended up liking most of it.  Here’s my February Fix.

Stitch Fix #9I had asked for more patterned pieces this time, and apparently that amounted to stripes.  At least there was only one solid colored piece.

Ezra Haines Striped Dolman Sleeve Top $48

Stitch Fix #9 Stitch Fix #9

Stitch Fix #9By itself I don’t love this top.  The scoop goes pretty low in the front and the back has a really open neck too which makes me feel cold.  Since it is a nice light layer though with soft fabric I paired it with a military style jacket like the card suggested and it makes a great layering piece.  Also looks cute with the necklace.

41Hawthorn Wrenn V-Neck Cap Sleeve Jersey Top $48

Stitch Fix #9 Stitch Fix #9Stitch Fix #9Again, by itself I don’t really care for this top.  The color is nice and I like the neckline, but it needs to have a top layer.  It also looked really cute with the necklace from this fix.  Overall I’d say it’s a decent layering piece but definitely needs a good ironing first!

Under Skies Travers Short Sleeve Striped Knit Shirt $38

Stitch Fix #9 Stitch Fix #9Stitch Fix #9The fabric on this top is soft, but I’m not loving the navy and the sleeves were tight on my arms.  (I seem to have abnormally large upper arms, despite almost never working out.)  Again it would be cute under other items I own.  I think it would look cute under a white jean jacket which I’ve been eying on the Old Navy site.  I guess now I’ll have an excuse to buy it.

TCEC Roxanna Chevron Open Knit Cardigan $58

Stitch Fix #9 Stitch Fix #9Stitch Fix #9This was my least favorite piece.  I’m not a fan of drapey cardigans (which I’ve stated in my profile before) and I don’t think this works for my body type.  Since I was considering keeping the other 4 pieces I decided to go ahead and keep this in order to get the 25% discount.  Otherwise this would have been going back.

Bay to Baubles Tatiana Delicate Rhinestone Pave Necklace

Stitch Fix #9

Love the necklace.  It’s delicate but also unique.  I’ll definitely be wearing this one a lot.

Overall Impressions

Nothing really thrilled me with this fix, but for the total price of $153 I decided to keep everything.  I think some of the tops will make good layering pieces an I can definitely wear them under some of my favorite jackets.  I had really been hoping for some patterned blouses, but maybe that’s just not something they are carrying right now.

If you like reading my stitch fix reviews and are interested in signing up for a fix, I’d be grateful if you use my referral code.  Thanks!

Stitch Fix Review #8

After battling some flu like symptoms and getting back to work this week, my January Stitch Fix has arrived.  I approached the box with a bit of trepidation since the last few were not all that satisfying.  I just hoped that I’d be keeping at least one item in order not to have wasted the $20 styling fee.  My only request this time had been “more colors and patterns please”.  I hesitantly opened up the box to see…

Stitch Fix 8a sea of black and white.

This was not at all what I asked for, so I’m wondering why they completely ignored my request.  Then I unfold the note that comes with the fix and see this:

Stitch Fix 8Wait, What?????  Congrats on your first fix?  We’re excited to have you join?  The receipt clearly states that this is my 8th fix!!  So this stylist somehow thought I was a new customer and apparently did not look at a single note from my past history, or my last request for color and patterns.  Wow.

Stitch Fix 8 016 Stitch Fix 8 Stitch Fix 8 Stitch Fix 8 Stitch Fix 8

Splendid Ruben Tab-Sleeve Open Cardigan $78 and Rikka Amanda Enamel Bib Necklace $38

Stitch Fix 8

Not really loving this cardigan.  The fabric is thin and not at all good for winter, and the cut is not flattering.  It just sort of cuts me off and makes my upper body looks stumpy.

41Hawthorn Amani Cowl Neck Sleeveless Blouse $48

Stitch Fix 8This top by itself looks terrible on me.  I look like an exaggerated purple pear.  Thumbs down on this one.

But then, when I put the two items together…

Stitch Fix 8Suddenly this outfit looks professional and I could see myself wearing it for an upcoming conference I have to attend for the night events.  Despite the items being awful on their own, I decide I’ll keep them because paired together they work.

Renee C Rosenberg Dip-Dye Cross-Front Knit Shirt $58

Stitch Fix 8This one is a bit quirky and strange, but overall I liked the faux leather panel at the top and the fabric was soft.  I’m not sure what to wear under it though.  A white tee looked bad and the sleeves were too tight, but I don’t like the triangular peak of my fly of my jeans so I might try to find a longer tank I could wear underneath.  Decided to keep it because it’s unique.

41Hawthorn Dominic Brick Print Belted Shirtdress $78

Stitch Fix 8On the hanger this one reminded me of a dress I had gotten in a previous fix that I really didn’t end up liking after I wore it, but once I put it on, I saw that the fit was much nicer and flattering.  I will wear it with a black half slip underneath because the buttons don’t go low enough at the bottom and the flap kept opening up, but overall it was a surprisingly good dress for work.  Decided to keep it.

Overall Impressions

Despite the fact that everything they sent was black and white with one exception of the purple blouse, and despite the stylist thinking it was my first fix, I ended up keeping all of the items from this fix for a total of $210.  I actually requested this stylist for my next fix, because even though the colors were off, these pieces generally were a better fit for me than some of the odd stuff previous stylists had picked out.  We’ll see what the February box reveals, but I really hope it’s color.  My request this time was no more black/white, or solid burgundy or navy.  Here’s hoping.

Stitch Fix #4

I’m sad to say that this was my least favorite stitch fix to date.  Of the 5 items they sent, I only kept 2 this time.  I’m left with an overall feeling of disappointment because I had been looking forward to some great things to wear on an upcoming trip, but nothing really worked.  I had specifically asked for tops that would look good with jeans and sneakers since I’ll be doing a ton of walking, so I was expecting some cute layer-able knits.  Instead I got a bunch of ill-fitting blouses and tank tops that made me look fat and lumpy and bumpy.  (Never a good way to end to your day.)

Stitch Fix #4Here’s the breakdown.

Stitch Fix #4Three poly blend blouses, one crochet tank, and a funky faux sash tank.

Mystree Westley Crochet Overlay Tank $58

crochet top

The card suggested pairing it with a purple cardigan and dark jeans, so I grabbed a similarly hued cardigan and tried it on.  The top is cute and a nice soft knit, but it hits at that awkward spot at the top of my hips and will only be passable if I’m also wearing a longer cardigan over the top.  Otherwise it emphasizes my widest part and is not flattering.  I decided to keep this one since I think it will look cute with black skinny jeans in the fall.

Daniel Rainn Tyson Abstract Print Stud Button Blouse $68

navy blouseI liked the pattern on this one and the fit is flattering, but it definitely doesn’t go with jeans and sneakers so it won’t be going with me on the trip.  Nevertheless, it was cute so I’ll hang on to it.

Collective Concepts Garret Brush Stroke Print Peplum Blouse $68

brush blouseI hated the fit on this one.  In my last communication with the stylist she had asked what part of my body I wanted to emphasize since I had mostly pointed out what I wanted to cover/disguise.  I said my waist, so now I see several overt attempts at tops that were trying to emphasize a waist.  Unfortunately I hate the way elastic waist tops look, they just poof out all wrong and require a lot of uncomfortable “fussing” during the day, and it just wasn’t flattering.  It didn’t hit me at my natural waist so the shape was all wrong, not to mention it didn’t flatter my lower half again.  It was too bad because the print was really nice.  Again this is not something I’d pair with jeans and sneakers for a vacation though.  Not very breathable.

Collective Concepts Bradman Abstract Chevron Print Blouse $48

Hi Lo Top
Hi Lo No!

This top had a cute print and looked dreadful on.  Hi-Lo tops do not work for pear shapes, since it happens to hit right above the widest part of me and just emphasizes that area.  It looked just awful and I knew right away it was a no.

Mystree Tommie Colorblock Peplum Tank Top $28

ms america top
Ms. America reject

This was the absolute worst.  Not only did it look something like a Ms.America reject with the faux sash, but where it hit on my body once again emphasized the biggest part of me.  Maybe it flattered my waist, but I’m more concerned about the whole picture.

Overall this was my most disappointing fix, and I wasn’t able to schedule the next one until a month out.  It looks like business must be picking up for them.  I really hope that for the next one I can get some nice fall knits in autumn colors and maybe a piece of jewelry.  I’m hoping fix #5 will be a keeper.

Stitch Fix #3

Stitch Fix #3 has arrived!  I was super excited to see what I got this time.  Upon opening the box I saw a variety of darker patterns, presumably for fall.

Stitch Fix #3
Stitch Fix #3

Here are the individual items:

Plaid top - stitch fix
Plaid top
Open cardigan stitch fix
Open cardigan
striped dress stitch fix
striped dress
teal blouse stitch fix
teal blouse
patterned dress stitch fix
patterned dress

Farah Fit & Flare Striped Dress from Ark n Co

I think this was my favorite item from this box.  The fit and flare style was perfect for my pear shape, and I love the pattern and feel of the fabric.  Also, it has pockets!  I love pockets on dresses.

ark n co flare striped dressThe card suggested pairing it with a blue cardigan or grey blazer, but I actually didn’t mind the look of the dress by itself for a change so decided to try it on its own with a chunky necklace.  Love it!

striped dress Ark N Co

Shanae Printed Tie Waist Dress by Daniel Rainn

I also really ended up loving this dress.  The length was great, and I can see it going well with a wide black belt and tights and boots in the winter.

patterned dressThe card suggested pairing it with a jean jacket which I think would look really cute, but again I wanted to try it by itself with a necklace from a previous stitch fix.

patterned dress stitch fix

Mission 3/4 Sleeve blouse by 41Hawthorn

I love the color of this blouse, but wasn’t a huge fan of the fabric.  This stitch fix contained three items with fabric that I didn’t care for.  I hope I was able to get that across well enough in my notes to them.  Sometimes polyester can be fine, but in the case of these three tops it felt itchy and non-breathable.  I really love the fit and color of this though so I decided to keep it.

teal blouse stitch fixThe card suggested pairing it with white capris which I think will look really good, but for this I decided to try some rolled up jeans and the same necklace.

teal blouse stitch fix

Zelda Plaid blouse by Under Skies

Again, the fabric on this was awful.  It was thick and scratchy, but the pattern happened to go really well with a rust colored pencil skirt I had just bought at Ann Taylor Loft, so I felt like I should keep it.  It looks cute on, but feels rather uncomfortable.

plaid blouse stitch fix

I like it with my teal wedges.

plaid top stitch fix

Cellar Open Front Drape Cardigan by Sweet Rain

I was planning to send this item back because I really didn’t like it.  The fabric was itchy and hot and I hated the drape and fit of this.  I’m not a fan of drapey cardigans for my shape.  Unfortunately, if I sent this back I would have been losing the 25% off all items and would have ended up paying more for the order, so here it stays.  I just plan to give it away to a charity shop.

drapey cardigan


open cardigan stitch fix

Overall Impressions

This time I loved the two dresses, and liked the teal blouse and the pattern on the plaid one.  I think my first stitch fix was still the best, but I’ve been happy with the price tag for all of these custom picked goods.  The total for this box came to $225.  For two versatile dresses and two blouses I liked, that seems like a pretty good deal.  I scheduled my next stitch fix for 3 weeks out.

Stitch Fix #2

Yesterday I got my second stitch fix and it was pretty awesome, but I think the first one was my favorite so far.

Stitch Fix #2
Stitch Fix #2
Stitch Fix #2
Stitch Fix #2

Here were the items I got:

Crochet top
Crochet top
Wrap Blouse
Wrap Blouse
Tie blouse
Tie blouse
dotted blouse
dotted blouse
Blue necklace
Blue necklace

I followed the cards provided for each item and tried everything on.  Here were the results.

Crochet Top

The card for the crochet top suggested pairing it with jean shorts and a teal cardigan.  I don’t have any jean shorts (see previous post about the perils of finding shorts for a pear shape) and despite the fact that I have a rainbow of cardigans hanging in my closet, I do not have a teal one.

Crochet Top
Crochet Top ideas

Since I wanted to try a summer look, I modified this a bit and went with a pair of khaki shorts and metallic sandals instead.  The top itself is pretty comfortable and soft, and it looks okay with this outfit.  It will probably look better with jeans as the second outfit suggested.

Crochet Tee outfit
Crochet Tee outfit

Dotted Blouse

I loved the print on this right off the bat.  I love anything navy with white.

Dotted Blouse Ideas
Dotted Blouse Ideas

Again, trying to mix it up I decided to try the skirt idea, but I don’t have any red pencil skirts, so I went with a red a-line skirt I had instead.

Dotted blouse and red skirt
Dotted blouse and red skirt

I mostly went with the suggested accessories, but swapped out the black pumps for nude sandals.  I think that works better with this type of skirt.  I think this top will look great with red skinny jeans, or mustard skinny jeans.  (Both on my current wish list.  I hope Ann Taylor Loft makes a curvy version this fall!!)

Tie neck blouse

For this one, I really love the idea of this with dark jeans and a red cardigan, but decided to try the pencil skirt since the only pencil skirt I do own is black.

Tie Neck Blouse ideas
Tie Neck Blouse ideas

This outfit is awfully dressy and a little outside of my comfort zone, but I like it and I know the blouse can be worn other ways.  Now if I’m in the mood to look like a Mad Men secretary, I know I can pull together the look.

tie neck blouse and pencil skirt
tie neck blouse and pencil skirt

Funky Wrap Blouse

This one was tricky.  On the hanger, this blouse was all open in the front, but when I put it on it looked more like the picture.  They suggested pairing it with light colored skinnies, so I tried it with my mint skinny jeans from LOFT.

Wrap blouse ideas
Wrap blouse ideas

And the verdict… not a fan.  It is super boxy in the front doing nothing for my shape and really long in the back.  I love the necklace, but decided this top needed to go back.

Wrap blouse and colored skinnies
Wrap blouse and colored skinnies

So overall, I ended up keeping 4/5 items at a total cost of $202.  It would have only been 8 dollars more if I kept the last top since keeping all 5 items gives you a 25% discount, but I didn’t want to keep something I didn’t like.  (Less closet space!)

I already went ahead and scheduled my next fix and can’t wait to see what they send me next!  If anyone is interested in trying it out, I have a referral code.  Thanks!


Stitch Fix #1

I was first introduced to the new Box subscription trend from a post on Refinery 29 back in April.  After a lot of internet research and comparing both Tog + Porter and Stitch Fix, I decided to go with Tog + Porter first because I really liked some of the items I saw on other peoples blogs, and you could set your price point for that one.  After a very disappointing experience with Tog + Porter (which I’ll post about later, I’m giving them one more chance at redemption) I decided to see how Stitch Fix worked.

I started by visiting the website for Stitch Fix and created a new account.  After this, they ask you quite a few questions about sizes you wear and preferences.  They also asked you about specific trends and which ones you’d be interested in trying and which ones you’d like to pass on.  They had a very helpful section with pictures and you could say if you like some of the pieces, all of the pieces, or none of them.  They were grouped by style type and helped identify the types of things you go for.  I also really liked that they asked questions about how much you wanted to cover certain body areas, and what your proportions were.  I could even choose to avoid having them send bottoms since this is typically a tough area for me unless I try it on in a store.  Additionally they ask about which occasions you are looking for, which for me was mostly casual and work.

After answering all of the questions and feeling like I was able to present a pretty clear picture of what I was looking for, I got to schedule my first fix.  I was even able to pick a date about one week in the future!  I was thrilled with the ability to choose the date and schedule when I wanted to receive it, since it’s been 2 months since I’ve heard anything from Tog + Porter and my “stylist” gets angry when I try to ask why it’s taking so long.  Here I can just pick a date on a calendar, and then magically it appears.

Right on time, as scheduled my first box arrived with it’s teal logo and I eagerly brought it inside to begin digging out the contents.

Stitch Fix Box Number 1
Stitch Fix Box #1

The first thing I saw when I opened the box was an amazing card that shows you two ideas with complete outfits that would compliment the item.  I found this really helpful since I often see cute tops and wonder, “what would I wear this with”?

Helpful outfit ideas
Helpful outfit ideas

At a glance, looking at the stack I could tell these were all items I was interested in trying on.  The colors were right on and the styles were similar to what I wear but just enough different for me to feel a little more adventurous.

Stitch Fix #1
The goods

The necklace on top was adorable, and very much like some of the statement necklaces I’ve been wearing all summer but with a fresh new set of colors.

statement necklace
statement necklace

I then took my box of goodies upstairs and began trying them on with both some of the suggested outfits (for the pieces I had) and tried a few combinations of my own.

Striped Top

They recommended wearing this top with a teal pencil skirt and black flats, but I didn’t have a teal pencil skirt.  I instead decided to go with a deep purple pencil skirt instead, some black flats and the new necklace.  I wouldn’t have thought to try this on my own, but I liked the overall look.

striped top and pencil skirt
striped top and pencil skirt

I thought I’d also try it in a style that is more like what I would throw on for work with an army jacket and jeans.  I like it this way too.

Stitch Fix #1
striped top and military jacket

Red Ruched Top

Next up, I paired the red short sleeved ruched top with some white capri length jeans, a few gold bangle bracelets, and my brown ankle strap sandals.  This top was a little more fitted than I’d usually go for, but I loved the colors and overall it was a pretty cute work outfit for a sunny day.

Stitch Fix #1
Red top

White Silk Blouse

This blouse had a slightly more edgy feel, and definitely needed to be ironed, but I loved the way it felt and looked on.  I wasn’t sure what kind of jewelry to wear with it, so I kept it simple with black skinny jeans and black flats.

Stitch Fix #1
White sleeveless blouse

Boho Cardigan

Last was this bohemian feeling cardigan with bell sleeves.  At first I wasn’t so sure about the fit since it is rather flowy and open, but when I paired it with this mint green silk shell I have from H&M I really liked the overall look.  I tried it with some edgy moto style boots, and I think it might look good with knee high brown ones as well or maybe just sandals.

Stitch Fix #1
Boho Cardigan

After trying everything on and thinking about what else I could wear the pieces with, I decided to keep all 5 items.  When you keep all 5 items, you get a 25% discount which made everything completely reasonably priced.  There is also a $20 styling fee, but that can be applied towards anything you keep, so I only ended up paying for the 5 items – 25%.

Based on my first experience, I’d give Stitch Fix a great big thumbs up.  There were no awkward Skype conversations, they stylist did a great job picking items that fit and worked with my style and budget, and the best part is you can decide when you want your next one.  I’ve already set up box #2, and cannot wait to see what they pick out next!