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March Outfits

Here’s what I’ve been wearing in March.

maxi skirt
Winter Maxi Skirt

I wore this striped maxi skirt from Ann Taylor Loft with a blue GAP sweater and scarf.  It was the first time I wore a maxi skirt in the winter with tights, but I liked the look and think I’d wear it again.

peter pan collar
Peter Pan Collar Sweater

I bought this sweater from LOFT in the early fall and planned to wear it with a skirt, but decided to pull it out this week to wear with black jeans and my favorite rhinestone skull flats.

chevron sweater
chevron sweater from Stitch Fix

I had been hesitant about this purchase from stitch fix, but when I paired it with a skinny jean, a black long sleeve tee and these boots, I liked the look.  It is comfortable and kept me warm enough in the office.  Glad I kept it.

baseball tee
silk baseball tee

I got this mixed media tee by Hive and Honey from Piperlime.  The fabric is so soft and I loved the pattern.  Unfortunately I wore it to a cooking demonstration after work where they were grilling onions and I need to somehow wash it without ruining it now.  We’ll see how that goes.

cowlneck sweater
Victoria’s Secret Sweater

I got this 3 way sweater from Victoria’s Secret for Christmas and love how soft and over-sized it is.

orange dress
orange dress from ModCloth

I bought this dress from ModCloth last year and love the color and shape.  I enjoy wearing it with black tights, boots, and a cardigan.


chunky sweater
chunky sweater from Stitch Fix

This sweater was in my last stitch fix, and I decided to wear it with a blush silk blouse underneath and skinny jeans and boots.  It was really comfortable but I don’t know how flattering it looked.







March Stitch Fix Review

My March Stitch Fix has arrived a few days early and I am quite pleased.  It seems they have switched to USPS for shipping instead of FedEx so I was able to get my fix on a Saturday.  I eagerly opened the box hoping for color, and sure enough, there is color!

Stitch Fix March

C.Luce – Carmela Multi Stripe Sleeveless Blouse $58

Stitch Fix MarchStitch Fix MarchI love the idea of pairing it with a jean jacket and mint skinny jeans, because I actually have those two items and I think it will look very retro!  What an 80’s throwback.  Verdict: Keep.

Stitch Fix March

Renee C – Ashford Striped Cross-Front Knit Shirt $48

Stitch Fix MarchStitch Fix MarchStitch Fix MarchI recently bought a few tanks in a nice nude color and I think those would go better underneath this, but overall I like it.  It’s very similar to a different top I got that had faux leather patches in the shoulders and had the wrap drape like this, but it’s enough different that I’m willing to keep it.  Plus the price is pretty good.  Verdict: Keep.

RD Style – Galvin Airy Knit Heathered Sweater $58

Stitch Fix MarchStitch Fix MarchThis one by itself is a little too bare up top with it’s super wide neck, but I love the chunky soft knit and thought it might look cute with a maxi skirt.  How’s this?Stitch Fix MarchI’m not sure about this look, but it was also cute with a chambray shirt underneath so I think there will be multiple ways to wear this.  Verdict: Keep.

Loveappella – Baltimore Chevron Striped Knit Shirt $48

Stitch Fix MarchStitch Fix MarchI love the colors of this shirt and it is a nice soft drapey knit.  I think it would look cute with a bright colored skirt too, I’ll have to see what I can dig up.  Verdict: Keep.

Stitch Fix March

41Hawthorn – Renesme Graphic Print Faux Wrap Dress $78

Stitch Fix MarchStitch Fix MarchI think this was  my favorite piece in this fix, and I absolutely love this dress!  I love the pattern, the colors, the fit, and the length.  Perfect!!

Stitch Fix MarchVerdict:  Keep for sure.  The only thing I didn’t care for was the name.  Now I keep picturing this when I see the dress.  (shudder)renesme

Overall Impressions

This was a really good fix.  I loved the patterns, colors, and fabrics so I kept the whole thing at a cost of $202.50 after the discount.  Cody has been my stylist for the past few fixes and I think she does an awesome job.  I’m glad I found a stylist who seems to get my style and finds interesting pieces that I wouldn’t have otherwise tried.  If you enjoy reading my stitch fix reviews and want to sign up, I’d be thrilled if you used my referral code.  🙂  Thanks!





For the Makers Ophelia Collection

This month’s For the Makers box was called the Ophelia Collection.  It consisted of two jewelry projects, a hair tie, and a beeswax sachet.

For the Makers Ophelia

For the Makers OpheliaThe jewelry and hair tie projects took me maybe 45 minutes to complete (mostly just trying to tie a knot for the tiny ring without the beads going everywhere.)  The sachet was pretty fast as well but ended up partially ruining my melting pot I use for candle-making.

Finished Jewelry pieces

For the Makers Ophelia For the Makers OpheliaThe first jewelry project was a pair of earrings with a small green jewel hanging at the end.  The only thing you need to do is fasten the jewel in the setting then attach it to the findings.  I struggled with one of the settings because the jewel wouldn’t sit flat.

The ring was simple to string together, but I could NOT get that knot to tie without a ton of frustration.  Also, I used all of the beads and it is still pretty tight on my middle finger where I want to wear it.  (It does not fit a size 7 as suggested.)

Hair Tie

For the Makers OpheliaThis was just a regular hair holder, a length of cord, and a crimp bead that needed tightening.  I doubt I’ll ever wear this in my hair because the crimp bead has rough edges and would likely catch and snag my hair.  I already have fine hair to begin with so I don’t want to tear it.

Beeswax Sachet

For the Makers OpheliaThis was an unexpected delight.  I put off making this because it needed a bunch of supplies that were difficult to gather and I didn’t have a rectangular cookie cutter like they used.  In fact the only metal cookie cutter I had was this squirrel shape.  (Who knows.)  But it ended up turning out really cute!  Unfortunately the beeswax stuck to the sides of my melting container I use for candle-making and even boiling water in it several times and trying to rinse it out barely worked.  There is still residue near the top.  Who knew beeswax would stick so bad.  Paraffin and soy come off cleanly.

Overall I was a little dissapointed in this kit because the jewelry projects were super simple and the supplies seemed really cheap for what I paid.  The sachet turned out really cute but didn’t really make up for the cheap jewelry and hair accessory.  I hope next month has some more involved projects.

For anyone interested in signing up, you can learn more here.

Paper Pumpkin February

I enjoyed February’s Paper Pumpkin since it was a departure from just cards.  This month it was supplies to make 5 gift bags with your choice of lettering.  I only made 2 so far because I wasn’t sure what I’d want the others to say.  (Maybe I’ll give a personalized gift to someone and will want to spell their name.)

paper pumpkin February

What I got:

paper pumpkin FebruaryIt came with two round texture stamps, an ink pad, tiny wooden clothespins, ribbon for the handles, 5 bags, cutout circles, raised stickers, and letters.

The Finished Product

paper pumpkin FebruaryI decided to go with “hello” since it was generic enough to give to anyone.  I like the polka dot texture but did another with the stripe texture spelling out my husband’s name.  (I figure I’ll probably give him a small gift at some point.)

Overall I think this month was probably worth the $20 subscription fee.  I’ll see what the March kit brings.