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Stitch Fix June Review

My June Stitch Fix has arrived a bit early, but here’s what I got.

Stitch Fix June
Brighter colors

I see a crazy necklace, some pink and one green item.  At least there is some color now.

Pomelo – Mylo Chevron Print Skirt $58

Stitch Fix June
Pomelo Chevron Skirt

Stitch Fix June

Stitch Fix June

I had asked for the teal chevron skirt I had seen in my last few fixes, and this time I got a pink chevron patterned skirt.  It is a poly blend fabric which I didn’t love, but it is nice and stretchy and long enough for work so paired with this white tee and the necklace, I think it’s a keeper.

Yumi – Quin Eyelet Detailed Fit and Flare Dress – $98

Stitch Fix June
Yumi Fit and Flare Dress

Stitch Fix June

Stitch Fix June
Doesn’t fit

On the hanger this was pretty cute, but I could tell it was very large in the top and looked pretty short.  On me it stuck out a ton at the top and was way too short for work.  I think it was maybe meant for people with a larger bust.  Going back.

Pomelo – Dory Braid Detailed Striped Tank $44

Stitch Fix June
Pomelo Dory Braided Tank

Stitch Fix June

Stitch Fix June

Paired with a white jacket as the card suggested, this tank is quite cute.  The necklace really works with it too.  Keeping this.

Ellison – Dannika Stripe Shoulder Raglan Tee $44

Stitch Fix June
Ellison Raglan Tee

Stitch Fix June

Stitch Fix June
Cute fit, itchy fabric

The fit on this was cute and it would have made a great weekend tee, but the fabric contained a bit of linen and it was super itchy.  I didn’t think linen was an issue for me, but I think maybe I’ll check that box in the profile to say avoid linen.  Too bad the fabric was itchy.  Going back.

Bay to Baubbles – Mumford Beaded Ombre Collar Necklace $44

Stitch Fix June
Bay to Baubles necklace

This actually arrived broken, but I make jewelry for a hobby and had tools to fix it.  I think the quality is not great for $44, but it looked pretty cute on.

Overall Impressions

I was glad to see a skirt and some color this time, and I ended up keeping 3 of the items.  The necklace was a surprise because I wouldn’t have picked it out but it really makes a white t-shirt pop.

If you are interested in signing up, please use my referral link.  Thanks!

Stitch Fix June


Tog + Porter = dissapointment for me

I mentioned previously, that I had been first introduced to the new Box subscription trend from a post on Refinery 29 in April.  After comparing both Tog + Porter and Stitch Fix, I had decided to go with Tog + Porter because I really liked some of the items I saw on other peoples blogs, and you could set your price point for that one.  Additionally, the reviews I read of the service just raved about how awesome it was.  (I suspect some of these people may have been getting incentives or free items.)

Let me start at the beginning with box #1.  I didn’t take pictures at the time, but have a lot to say about the whole experience.  Back in May, I signed up through their website and answered surprisingly few questions about my measurements, sizes I typically wore, and what I was looking for.  They then make you set up a Skype call with one of their 3 stylists before they’ll send you your first box, so I set that up for the first week of May.  For me, the call was a little awkward and incredibly short.  I expected her to ask me more questions but it was very brief and felt like she was rushing to get off the call with me.  At the time I chalked it up to her possibly having another appointment she needed to get to.  The things we did cover were the fact that she should avoid picking bottoms for me because of my hard to fit pear shape, and I was looking for neutral toned casual clothing, and some cute patterned blouses.   Before we hung up she told me I could expect to receive my first box within 2-3 weeks.  Fast forward to 4 weeks later, and it finally arrived.  I had been so anxiously awaiting my first box and don’t know why it took so long but I was excited nevertheless.

Then I opened the box.  Inside were items that showed she didn’t necessarily listen to my requests, since she sent some pretty bright stuff when I had asked for neutral colors.  Sadly, only ONE of the items even fit.  The rest of it was way too small and extremely fitted up top which does not work for pear shapes.  I had listed my measurements accurately and given the sizes I wear at the stores I typically shop at like Ann Taylor Loft and Banana Republic (and made a note of this on my profile).  I was not familiar with the brands they send, and apparently they ran much smaller.  Overall I was left feeling fat and sad that nothing fit except one solid colored rose silk blouse that I ended up keeping.

Before I could send anything back, I needed to schedule another Skype call to go over what I liked and didn’t like.  The stylist ended up calling me from her car 15 minutes before the scheduled appointment which was fine since I happened to be around.  I then shared my feedback with her about sizes, and she was surprisingly terse about it, suggesting that I had provided the wrong size in my information, telling me that “those” stores have vanity sizing that is way off.  (Even though I declared that’s what I was referring to in my profile.)  Then when I told her the belt she sent was actually too big to wear around my waist, she seemed disgusted and asked me how I tried to wear it, “did you actually try to close it?”  No, I have no idea how to work these complex contraptions, how did I get out of bed today??  So I had to get up and physically prove to her on the monitor, that once the belt had been properly fastened around my waist, there was about 10 inches of excess room.  She told me she didn’t think they made belts any smaller than that, and it was an impossible ask.  (Well, I found one at Anthropologie a week later so it wasn’t that hard.)  There was also a dress that was so skin tight I couldn’t fit it over my hips (did I mention I’m a pear shape??) and she seemed annoyed when I told her that as well.  In our discussion and in my profile, I made it very clear that I couldn’t wear short skirts or dresses to work, and needed them to be close to knee length so I tried to tell her that again when she asked me if I actually put it on.  Yes, I did, and it was too short and didn’t fit around my hips.  In all, I think the awkward call lasted a whole of 5 minutes before she told me she’d send the next box soon after I returned everything, and this time we’d go with a size medium in tops.  I again asked her to focus on neutral colored casual clothing since that’s what I’d like to wear the majority of the time.

I had read so many reviews ahead of time about Tog + Porter, and many had mentioned that it felt like “chatting with a new girlfriend”.  Well for me, it felt more like being dressed down from one of the put together girls from middle school.  (No pun intended.)  I just felt rather deflated and sad about the whole ordeal.

Since I did like some of the clothes she picked that were just too small, I decided to try it for a second time and hoped that my bad experience was just a one off.  I told her to go ahead and put my order in for the next one during our last call, which was the last week of May.  Then one month passed.  No box, so I decided to contact her to see what was going on.  For this exchange, she had no explanation and just asked me to be patient and she’d be in touch when it was on it’s way.  Two more weeks, no box.  I contacted her again, and she said they were moving the main office and to be patient because she’d send it as soon as she could.  Two MORE weeks, and it was now officially 8 weeks after the last Skype call, and no box.  We had talked about summer clothes during our last chat, and I realized that almost the entire season had passed already with very few weeks left of warm weather here in the Pacific Northwest.  Feeling resigned, I finally contacted her a last time and told her that if she thought she could get the box to me in the next few days then we could go ahead, otherwise the investment in summer clothes wasn’t going to be worth it and I wanted to cancel my order.   Within a few hours, I got an email back from her apologizing and telling me that she contacted the main office and the box would be shipped that night and on my doorstep the next day.  (A Saturday.)  The main office then sent me an email apologizing for the delay, because when they switched offices my order fell through the cracks.  (Even though I emailed twice to inquire about the status?  So much for the squeaky wheel.)  They offered me a $25 credit for the delay, which was nice but didn’t really make up for it.

So Saturday arrives, as does my second box.  It’s the standard medium flat rate box from the post office, and weighs a ton so I can tell they crammed a bunch of stuff in there.  (12 items to be exact.)  I open it and it’s just wrapped in their chevron patterned tissue paper, with no personalized note or anything, just the receipt and return label for what I don’t want to keep.

Tog + Porter #2
Tog + Porter Second Box

I’m still hopeful at this point so I eagerly pull out the contents and lay them out.  The colors are nice, but not exactly “neutral”.  I like the yellow and orange.

Tog + Porter #2
All of the items, first look

Here are all of the items one by one.

Naked Zebra Scallop Tank
Naked Zebra Scallop Tank $49.00
Olivaceous Sleeveless blouse and Very J Firework skirt
Olivaceous Sleeveless blouse $49.00 and Very J Firework skirt $59.00
Cherish Blazer and Collective Poppy Print Tank
Cherish Blazer $69.00 and Collective Poppy Print Tank $59.00
Uniq placket top and Just USA Black Label Jeans
Uniq placket top $59.00 and Just USA Black Label Jeans $79.00
Everly Circles Top and Naked Zebra Twist Back Top
Everly Circles Top $49.00 and Naked Zebra Twist Back Top $49.00
Collective Print Skirt
Collective Print Skirt $69.00
Lost April Grid Maxi Dress
Lost April Grid Maxi Dress $69.00
Girly Long Chain necklace
Girly Long Chain necklace $27.00

At first glance, I could already tell that some of these things would not work, but I was committed to trying everything on regardless.  What follows are photos of me trying everything on, even the embarrassing and very unflattering ones.  (I can’t believe I’m making some of these public.)

The things I decided to keep 

The yellow skirt was a lovely color and the fit was okay for my shape.  It was a little shorter than I’d like and I’m not sure if I could really wear it to work and feel comfortable, but maybe I’ll give it a try.

Yellow skirt and blue top
Yellow skirt and blue top

I also liked the pattern of this sleeveless top and think it will look cute under jackets and cardigans.  By itself it sort of looks like a pregnancy top.  At least the pattern is nice and the colors are neutral.

Sleeveless blouse
Sleeveless blouse

I probably wouldn’t have picked this black and cream top myself because it’s pretty pricey for a simple top and I usually don’t care for tunics, but this one was really flattering on and made me look skinny.  (It was also a size small and I probably could have used a medium as I had asked for before.  I could move my arms just barely enough to wear it and sit at a computer.)

Flattering Tunic
Flattering Tunic

And last, I decided to keep the necklace.  It was pretty simple and I liked the gold and silver accents.  So out of 12 pieces I decided to keep 4.  Now to the bad and the ugly.

What didn’t work

The orange maxi had to be one of the worst most unflattering items.  In addition to a really unflattering fit, the back was entirely strappy and made me look like a piece of beef all tied up for the oven.  My bra showed right through the mesh of straps.  I think it was tied with the cropped denim for least flattering, but here is a lovely picture of what it looked like in silhouette.  I look horribly frumpy and bumpy.  Shudder…

unflattering maxi
unflattering maxi for a pear body

Tied for first place of the worst fitting items were the “boyfriend” style jeans.  (Maybe if my boyfriend was 10 sizes smaller than me?  I’m picturing Eric Foreman from that 70’s show…)  They were a little loose around the waist, and so tight on the legs that I literally could not bend my knees.  Also, whiskers at the hips?  That is the worst choice for a person with a pear shape or more weight in their lower half.  It draws attention there and makes you look even more disproportionate.  Major fail here.

whiskered cropped jeans

Then the rest of the items were just sort of “blah” or unflattering.  This blazer did not have enough definition at the waist to flatter my upper half, and the white blouse was just okay, hitting at a not great spot on my hips.  Also it was 49.00 for a tank like blouse which seemed really expensive for what it was.

unflattering blazer and white top
unflattering blazer and white top

Next up, we have the “hoochi” skirt.  It was so short, it barely covered my bottom in the back, and made me look as wide as a truck.  The picture doesn’t really reflect just how short this was, and I’m not sharing a picture of the back, because its just too scary and offensive to the eye.

super short skirt
super short skirt

Next was the khaki sleeveless blouse that blended in with my skin tone and made me look rather sickly.  Also it was 49.00 and I felt like I could get something identical at H&M for much cheaper.

boring blouse
boring blouse

And last we have what I’m calling the “mullet blouse”.  It’s extremely boring and button up in the front, and then has the crazy twists in the back.  Not to mention it’s sheer and see through so I needed to wear a tank underneath so you wouldn’t see my bra, but then that shows up in the back.

boring  blouse
boring in the front…
crazy blouse back
party in the back!

Last Impressions

Overall, it felt like my requests weren’t really heard.  I still received some size small items, the items were not very casual, and they lacked the modesty I prefer for work wear.  I do not have the kind of life where I’m out at the bar on weekends, or sipping mojitos on a beach with girlfriends.  (What I imagined you’d do in the maxi dress if you were fabulously skinny and stick straight.)  I was just looking for pieces to wear to my casual environment job, and for weekends spent shopping and running errands.  To me, Tog + Porter felt less personalized then Stitch Fix.  It seems like maybe they have a set of items that they send to all clients, regardless of their taste and preference and hope that they’ll just stick with some of what they see.  More of a one size fits all approach.  I specifically said no bottoms, and yet received capri jeans and two skirts.  Also there were no personal touches to this box.  No notes or anything.  Stitch Fix has the outfit cards which were incredibly helpful and give you ideas for how to wear things you might not otherwise have though of.  Stitch Fix had asked how much I wanted to cover certain areas of my body, and respected those choices well.  I felt like they had the appropriate level of modesty and style.  I don’t see myself as extremely conservative, there are just parts of my body I’d rather not expose because I’m not particularly fond of them and just feel more comfortable covering up.

For our last call (which was required in order to send items back) she seemed a lot more friendly and was apologetic about the delay.  It sounds like they must be doing really well and were just experiencing a backup with all of their customers requests.  She gave me some general ideas about what to wear with the pieces I kept, and I might try some of them out, but in general it was just things I probably would have tried on my own.  She was suggesting adding a lot of color, but that’s something I’m trying to get away from.  The people in my office just really don’t wear color.  It’s mostly grey and black and jeans so I try to wear neutral outfits that don’t stand out quite so much.  I still want to be fashionable, but I don’t want to draw all eyes in a meeting room.

So was it worth the 8 week wait?  Not for me.  This box will probably end my journey with Tog + Porter, and I’ll continue to go with Stitch Fix for now.  In general it’s a cool idea, and I love getting a box full of surprises in the mail, but I think I’ll pass on Tog + Porter for now.

Stitch Fix #1

I was first introduced to the new Box subscription trend from a post on Refinery 29 back in April.  After a lot of internet research and comparing both Tog + Porter and Stitch Fix, I decided to go with Tog + Porter first because I really liked some of the items I saw on other peoples blogs, and you could set your price point for that one.  After a very disappointing experience with Tog + Porter (which I’ll post about later, I’m giving them one more chance at redemption) I decided to see how Stitch Fix worked.

I started by visiting the website for Stitch Fix and created a new account.  After this, they ask you quite a few questions about sizes you wear and preferences.  They also asked you about specific trends and which ones you’d be interested in trying and which ones you’d like to pass on.  They had a very helpful section with pictures and you could say if you like some of the pieces, all of the pieces, or none of them.  They were grouped by style type and helped identify the types of things you go for.  I also really liked that they asked questions about how much you wanted to cover certain body areas, and what your proportions were.  I could even choose to avoid having them send bottoms since this is typically a tough area for me unless I try it on in a store.  Additionally they ask about which occasions you are looking for, which for me was mostly casual and work.

After answering all of the questions and feeling like I was able to present a pretty clear picture of what I was looking for, I got to schedule my first fix.  I was even able to pick a date about one week in the future!  I was thrilled with the ability to choose the date and schedule when I wanted to receive it, since it’s been 2 months since I’ve heard anything from Tog + Porter and my “stylist” gets angry when I try to ask why it’s taking so long.  Here I can just pick a date on a calendar, and then magically it appears.

Right on time, as scheduled my first box arrived with it’s teal logo and I eagerly brought it inside to begin digging out the contents.

Stitch Fix Box Number 1
Stitch Fix Box #1

The first thing I saw when I opened the box was an amazing card that shows you two ideas with complete outfits that would compliment the item.  I found this really helpful since I often see cute tops and wonder, “what would I wear this with”?

Helpful outfit ideas
Helpful outfit ideas

At a glance, looking at the stack I could tell these were all items I was interested in trying on.  The colors were right on and the styles were similar to what I wear but just enough different for me to feel a little more adventurous.

Stitch Fix #1
The goods

The necklace on top was adorable, and very much like some of the statement necklaces I’ve been wearing all summer but with a fresh new set of colors.

statement necklace
statement necklace

I then took my box of goodies upstairs and began trying them on with both some of the suggested outfits (for the pieces I had) and tried a few combinations of my own.

Striped Top

They recommended wearing this top with a teal pencil skirt and black flats, but I didn’t have a teal pencil skirt.  I instead decided to go with a deep purple pencil skirt instead, some black flats and the new necklace.  I wouldn’t have thought to try this on my own, but I liked the overall look.

striped top and pencil skirt
striped top and pencil skirt

I thought I’d also try it in a style that is more like what I would throw on for work with an army jacket and jeans.  I like it this way too.

Stitch Fix #1
striped top and military jacket

Red Ruched Top

Next up, I paired the red short sleeved ruched top with some white capri length jeans, a few gold bangle bracelets, and my brown ankle strap sandals.  This top was a little more fitted than I’d usually go for, but I loved the colors and overall it was a pretty cute work outfit for a sunny day.

Stitch Fix #1
Red top

White Silk Blouse

This blouse had a slightly more edgy feel, and definitely needed to be ironed, but I loved the way it felt and looked on.  I wasn’t sure what kind of jewelry to wear with it, so I kept it simple with black skinny jeans and black flats.

Stitch Fix #1
White sleeveless blouse

Boho Cardigan

Last was this bohemian feeling cardigan with bell sleeves.  At first I wasn’t so sure about the fit since it is rather flowy and open, but when I paired it with this mint green silk shell I have from H&M I really liked the overall look.  I tried it with some edgy moto style boots, and I think it might look good with knee high brown ones as well or maybe just sandals.

Stitch Fix #1
Boho Cardigan

After trying everything on and thinking about what else I could wear the pieces with, I decided to keep all 5 items.  When you keep all 5 items, you get a 25% discount which made everything completely reasonably priced.  There is also a $20 styling fee, but that can be applied towards anything you keep, so I only ended up paying for the 5 items – 25%.

Based on my first experience, I’d give Stitch Fix a great big thumbs up.  There were no awkward Skype conversations, they stylist did a great job picking items that fit and worked with my style and budget, and the best part is you can decide when you want your next one.  I’ve already set up box #2, and cannot wait to see what they pick out next!