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September Outfits

This is a great weekend to do some online shopping.  All of my favorite sites are having big sales.  (Boden 20% off everything and Loft 40% off everything.)

Here are some of the things I’ve been wearing this month.

Golden Tote Swing Dress
Golden Tote Swing Dress without a jacket

I love this swing dress from Golden Tote just as much as the white one with black stripes.  For work I paired it with these nude sandals and a long necklace then wore a jacket on top when I was in the air conditioning.

Golden Tote Swing Dress
Golden Tote Swing Dress with jacket
Loft Scuba Flare Skirt
Flare Skirt from Loft

I love this new skirt I got from Loft.  The fit is flattering for my body type so I bought it in two colors.  The blouse is sooo soft and my favorite mustard color.  The boots are new and I bought them specifically to wear with fall skirts and dresses.

Scuba SkirtAnn Taylor Loft $69.50 but 40% off right now

Floral Bud Utility BlouseAnn Taylor Loft $59.50 and 40% off this weekend

Dr Scholls Bethany Wedge Bootie DSW $69.95

Boden Sweater and Loft Skirt
Boden Sweater and Loft Skirt

This is the same skirt but in camel color, paired with my new hotchpotch sweater from boden and a different pair of booties that I love.  I had these boots in black last fall and wore them a lot, so this fall I bought the same ones in brown.

Scuba SkirtAnn Taylor Loft $69.50 but 40% off right now

Hotchpotch SweaterBoden $108 20% off right now so $86.40

Diba Pilot BootieDSW $54.95

Leather Look
Leather Look from London

I got this blue top from Dorothy Perkins in London and saw the outfit idea on a mannequin there.  I knew I had the leather jacket and boots so just pulled the look together when I got home.  (I can’t find the top online, but they do have a website.)

Coral Sweater and Blue Blouse
Coral Sweater and Blue Blouse

I saw an outfit similar to this on the Stitch Fix blog (see below) and thought I’d try to reproduce it with a top I got from Stitch Fix and a coral sweater from Old Navy.

stitch fix outfit idea

August Stitch Fix Review

Sigh.  I think the only way to sum this month’s Stitch Fix up is with an emoticon.


Stitch Fix August Review
It looks so promising…

Pomelo – Aggie Sleeveless Side Gathered Striped Maxi Dress $68

I had actually seen this dress on the blog and thought it looked cute, so I was excited to see it.

Stitch Fix August Review


Stitch Fix August Review

Stitch Fix August Review

And then I see it on.  Nothing about this worked.  My bra straps were visible, the pattern did nothing for my shape, and it clung to every lump and bump on my body.

Going back.

Kensie Jeans – Kaleigh Ankle Biter Skinny Jean  $88

Red jeans!  Something I’ve wanted forever!  The fabric is stretchy and the color is exactly what I wanted.  Let’s see what they look like on.

Stitch Fix August Review


Stitch Fix August Review


Stitch Fix August ReviewAnnnnd no.  Skin tight, low rise, and just terrible.  What a disaster.  The best part is the stylist called these “Straight Fit” when the label clearly called them skinny fit.

Going back.

Under Skies – Simran Solid French Terry Moto Jacket $78

Stitch Fix August Review

I had asked for a “lightweight summer jacket I could wear with dresses and tops in the air conditioned office.”  This jacket is a very non-neutral color and is most definitely not light weight.  It was a heavy sweater material.

Stitch Fix August Review

Stitch Fix August Review

On, it is just okay.  But I don’t love it and it doesn’t fill any gaps in my current wardrobe so back it goes.

Skies are Blue – Alexa Embroidery Detailed Tank $48

Then there are tanks.  Again.  Which I’ve asked them to stop sending.

Stitch Fix August ReviewIt’s cute on the hanger.

Stitch Fix August Review

Stitch Fix August ReviewAnd makes me look pregnant.  This is where the stylist was WAY off.  She said she sent me some tops to flatter my pear shape that are tight at the top then get wider at the bottom.  That is the OPPOSITE of what is flattering for a pear shape.  Any  blog or fashion article or anything you read says pear shapes should wear fitted tops to accentuate the waist.  This shape only makes my natural shape worse and makes me look incredibly large.

Going back.  (Seeing a trend….?)

19 Cooper – Lanea Graphic Print Racerback Tank $58

Stitch Fix August Review
Racerback. Tank. Two strikes.

Stitch Fix August Review

Stitch Fix August ReviewAnd a big fat no.  Again, this is terrible for my shape and makes me look pregnant and fat.

Going back.

Overall Impressions

I did not get my usual stylist this time (Cody) and the new one really missed what I was asking for with these picks.  The tops were terrible and unflattering, and the pants were way too tight.  The dress I will take the blame for since I added it to my pinterest page, but nothing else was good.  Everything is going back which means I am out $20, but I wasn’t keeping any of these items just to not lose out on the $20 so I’m just plain out.

I considered cancelling my September fix all together, but instead I scheduled it for further out and asked for absolutely no tank tops and no loose flowy tops like that.  I’d love to see another pants option with a higher waist and not super skinny fit.

Such a disappointment for August.





March Outfits

Here’s what I’ve been wearing in March.

maxi skirt
Winter Maxi Skirt

I wore this striped maxi skirt from Ann Taylor Loft with a blue GAP sweater and scarf.  It was the first time I wore a maxi skirt in the winter with tights, but I liked the look and think I’d wear it again.

peter pan collar
Peter Pan Collar Sweater

I bought this sweater from LOFT in the early fall and planned to wear it with a skirt, but decided to pull it out this week to wear with black jeans and my favorite rhinestone skull flats.

chevron sweater
chevron sweater from Stitch Fix

I had been hesitant about this purchase from stitch fix, but when I paired it with a skinny jean, a black long sleeve tee and these boots, I liked the look.  It is comfortable and kept me warm enough in the office.  Glad I kept it.

baseball tee
silk baseball tee

I got this mixed media tee by Hive and Honey from Piperlime.  The fabric is so soft and I loved the pattern.  Unfortunately I wore it to a cooking demonstration after work where they were grilling onions and I need to somehow wash it without ruining it now.  We’ll see how that goes.

cowlneck sweater
Victoria’s Secret Sweater

I got this 3 way sweater from Victoria’s Secret for Christmas and love how soft and over-sized it is.

orange dress
orange dress from ModCloth

I bought this dress from ModCloth last year and love the color and shape.  I enjoy wearing it with black tights, boots, and a cardigan.


chunky sweater
chunky sweater from Stitch Fix

This sweater was in my last stitch fix, and I decided to wear it with a blush silk blouse underneath and skinny jeans and boots.  It was really comfortable but I don’t know how flattering it looked.







Another winter week of outfits

Here’s what I wore last week.

Kate Spade Cape

Kate Spade CapeThis cape from Kate Spade had been hanging in my closet with a nice bag over the hanger to protect it for the last year or so.  I had purchased it on sale and was so excited to look at it in my closet that I failed to actually wear it.  It seemed worthy of a special occasion that never came up and so I finally decided one day that I was just wearing this to work for no reason at all, other than I love it.  I love the weight of it, the cut, and the fabric.  I felt a bit like a caped crusader.

Black Lace Dress from Golden Tote

black lace dress black lace dressI adore this dress.  The cut, the fabric, the way it looked awesome with my military jacket, all of it added up to awesome.  It looked cute without the jacket, but I ended up wearing the jacket all day at work to keep warm and it kept it casual.

Teal cowl neck from Stitch Fix

teal topI wore the teal cowlneck top from my last stitch fix with this super cozy furry cardigan I bought many years ago at the Nordstrom anniversary sale.  It was a very cozy outfit and kept me warm.

Navy Patterned Dress from Stitch Fix

black patterned dressI paired this navy and white shirt dress from Stitch Fix with a purple cardigan and black tights and boots.  I actually thought the dress was black and white until I got in my car and saw it in the dreary daylight.  I probably wouldn’t have worn black tights and boots if I knew it was navy, but I’m sure no one noticed.


Week of casual layers and one skirt

This week I mainly picked out outfits with casual layers so I could stay warm at the office but still look put together.

stripes and layers
stripes and military jacket

Here I’m wearing a new faux layered look top from LOFT, and a necklace I made from my January “For the Makers” kit.  The top is really comfortable and gives the look of layers without the bulk.

Two in One Softened ShirtAnn Taylor Loft $59.50

Crown Vintage Samantha Bootie DSW $69.95

NecklaceFor the Makers

Lace blouse
Lace blouse and casual jacket

I got this lace blouse from Golden Tote , and the jacket is from Kohls.  The delicate layered necklace is from H&M.

Diba pilot lace up boots – DSW $59.95

puffer vest
casual puffer vest

I got this quilted puffer vest from Banana Republic last weekend and the coordinating sweater on the same shopping trip.  I had actually been looking for a puffer vest I saw in the H&M catalog, but the store I visited didn’t have it.  When I saw this in Banana Republic I tried it on and knew it was a keeper.  Everything in the store was 40% off and I had an additional $40 gift card so I got a great deal on it.

Quilted vest – Banana Republic $98.00

Striped textured cotton sweater – LOFT $59.50

burgundy skirt
burgundy skater skirt

This outfit was actually layered as well, but I took off the black faux leather jacket for the photo so you could see the cute pattern on the blouse.  The blouse and skirt are both from LOFT.

Circle skirt in mid weight scuba – LOFT $49.99

Diba Pilot Bootie – DSW $54.95

What I wore this week

I remembered to take pictures of some of the things I wore this week.  I was trying to layer as much as possible because the office has been so cold and having layers enables me to adjust to whatever conference room or office I am in.

cream cardiganThis outfit combined a long cardigan from Target with a blouse from Golden Tote and a necklace from stitch fix.  These are my favorite brown boots that I purchased after a trip to Paris where all of the women were wearing boots like this with everything from flowery dresses to skinny jeans and sweaters.  They are comfy and roomy and look cute with almost anything I pair them with.

animal print shell

I got this sleeveless blouse from JCPenny from their black Friday cyber sale, and the cardigan is from Ann Taylor Loft.  I’m also wearing my favorite skull studded flats which make me happy whenever I see them.

scarf and bootsOn Friday I wore those boots again with a cream colored pull over sweater and a scarf my Mom had given me.  When I was chilly I wore the leather jacket, but for most of the day I was just wearing the sweater.