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Stitch Fix September 2015

My September stitch fix arrived yesterday, and once again I’m disappointed.  Here was the note to my stylist.

Stitch Fix September 2015

Annnnd here’s what I got:

Stitch Fix September 2015

I see some color, but mostly dull grey and drab olive.  And what is that thing on the bottom, a blanket??

RD Style – lana Twisted Seam Sweater $68


Stitch Fix September 2015

Stitch Fix September 2015

Dull, boxy fit and just sort of sticks out at my mid-section.


41Hawthorn – Lisbon Stud Detail Blouse $58

Stitch Fix September 2015 Stitch Fix September 2015

Yes it’s an olive color, but the fabric feels itchy and artificial and I didn’t really ask for a blouse.  I don’t see myself wearing this because of the itchy fabric.


Market and Spruce – Alexi Dress $74

Stitch Fix September 2015 Stitch Fix September 2015

The color and fabric are nice, and that’s all it has going for it.  The waist was loose and big and the arm holes were uneven and way too big.  My bra was completely showing on one side.


Kut From the Kloth – Michael Faux Leather Jacket $78

Stitch Fix September 2015 Stitch Fix September 2015 Stitch Fix September 2015

The color is nice, but I already have a ton of faux leather jackets in a bunch of colors.  Also the arms are really loose and long on this one and my husband said it looked to big on me.  I’m undecided only because this is the ONLY item I’d even consider keeping and if I don’t keep anything I’m out $20 just for the privilege of trying on a bunch of stuff that doesn’t work for me.


RD Style – Laverne Poncho Cardigan $68

Stitch Fix September 2015
Are you kidding me?
Stitch Fix September 2015

I don’t recall asking for a blanket, nor does this look like anything on my pinterest page.  I posted a bunch of cute fitted fall outfits and she sends me a blanket with arm holes??  The fabric is scratchy and I look like I am a giant old lady.  This would never in a million years work with my shape.  Honestly, the worst thing they’ve ever sent me.


Overall Impressions

Overall I think this was a bad fix.  I didn’t get the skinny jeans I requested, there was only one dress, no skirts, and a serious lack of color aside from the wearable blanket.  I think Lindsay did a pretty good job as my stylist, but I kept requesting her later and they kept telling me she was on vacation and this stylist definitely does not get me.  I guess I’m done with Stitch Fix again.