Stitch Fix June Review

My June Stitch Fix has arrived a bit early, but here’s what I got.

Stitch Fix June
Brighter colors

I see a crazy necklace, some pink and one green item.  At least there is some color now.

Pomelo – Mylo Chevron Print Skirt $58

Stitch Fix June
Pomelo Chevron Skirt

Stitch Fix June

Stitch Fix June

I had asked for the teal chevron skirt I had seen in my last few fixes, and this time I got a pink chevron patterned skirt.  It is a poly blend fabric which I didn’t love, but it is nice and stretchy and long enough for work so paired with this white tee and the necklace, I think it’s a keeper.

Yumi – Quin Eyelet Detailed Fit and Flare Dress – $98

Stitch Fix June
Yumi Fit and Flare Dress

Stitch Fix June

Stitch Fix June
Doesn’t fit

On the hanger this was pretty cute, but I could tell it was very large in the top and looked pretty short.  On me it stuck out a ton at the top and was way too short for work.  I think it was maybe meant for people with a larger bust.  Going back.

Pomelo – Dory Braid Detailed Striped Tank $44

Stitch Fix June
Pomelo Dory Braided Tank

Stitch Fix June

Stitch Fix June

Paired with a white jacket as the card suggested, this tank is quite cute.  The necklace really works with it too.  Keeping this.

Ellison – Dannika Stripe Shoulder Raglan Tee $44

Stitch Fix June
Ellison Raglan Tee

Stitch Fix June

Stitch Fix June
Cute fit, itchy fabric

The fit on this was cute and it would have made a great weekend tee, but the fabric contained a bit of linen and it was super itchy.  I didn’t think linen was an issue for me, but I think maybe I’ll check that box in the profile to say avoid linen.  Too bad the fabric was itchy.  Going back.

Bay to Baubbles – Mumford Beaded Ombre Collar Necklace $44

Stitch Fix June
Bay to Baubles necklace

This actually arrived broken, but I make jewelry for a hobby and had tools to fix it.  I think the quality is not great for $44, but it looked pretty cute on.

Overall Impressions

I was glad to see a skirt and some color this time, and I ended up keeping 3 of the items.  The necklace was a surprise because I wouldn’t have picked it out but it really makes a white t-shirt pop.

If you are interested in signing up, please use my referral link.  Thanks!

Stitch Fix June


2 thoughts on “Stitch Fix June Review

  1. My fix is coming in about a week – I really hope I get the pink and white tank. So pretty.

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