For the Makers April Review

This Month’s For the Makers collection was called “Soft Focus” and was all about dyeing things with kool-aid.

For the Makers April For the Makers April The four projects were a necklace, 3 string bracelets, an air plant holder (no plant) and 5 note cards.

For the Makers April
The process


For the Makers April
simple necklace
For the Makers April
3 string bracelets
For the Makers April
For the Makers April
Air plant holder minus the plant

Overall, I spent a few hours on the projects and made a small mess.  I ended up making the bracelets more saturated with color because I’m not a huge fan of pastels, but they might have looked cuter in pastel.

I did end up buying an air plant from a local craft store and that is now hanging in my office.

For the Makers April
Final product

Overall it was a pretty fun kit, but I’m unsure about the value.  The supplies are all very cheap and none of the projects took all that much time.  I still enjoy getting a craft box each month so I will continue with this subscription.

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