Stitch Fix May Review

My May Stitch Fix arrived last weekend, and here’s what it consisted of.

Stitch Fix May
The goods

At first glance, I like the necklace, but am dissapointed by the range of colors once again.  Its back to blue and black.  I’ve had so many fixes that were just dull blue and black and this one is right there again.  Plus the only thing I asked for this time was a teal and white chevron skirt I saw in other peoples fixes, and I can see that it is not here.  Once again I don’t think they read the comments, because her note said “I see that you’ve asked for mostly tops and dresses this time…” which was not true.  I only asked for a skirt.

41 Hawthorn – Mandi Colorblock Shift Dress  $74

Stitch Fix MayStitch Fix May

Before even trying this on I knew it wouldn’t work.  Shift dresses + pear shapes do not equal flattering.

Stitch Fix May
Thumbs down

This went back.

Tart – Caldwell Pocket Front V-Neck Tee Shirt  $54

Stitch Fix MayStitch Fix May

$54 seems steep for a plain T-shirt that I could easily find elsewhere.

Stitch Fix May
Pricey Tee

I did like the color and fit, plus it looked nice with the necklace, so I decided to keep this very expensive Tee shirt.

Lily – Jonie Abstract Chevron Cowl Neck Top  $48

Stitch Fix MayStitch Fix May

Stitch Fix May
Awful fabric

I didn’t care for the dark colors of this top, and the fabric was really awful.  It was that cheap polyester blend that has no breath-ability and the fit was off too.  One shoulder stuck up oddly.  For sure going back, two thumbs down on this one.

Loveappella – Karissa Chevron Print Henley Tank  $48

Stitch Fix MayStitch Fix May

Stitch Fix May
Just okay

This top had a soft fabric and a neutral print, but I wasn’t wowed by it either.  It was just very basic.  I decide to keep it because I could throw any color cardigan over the top to add a pop of color.

Pixley – Rita Teardrop Bib Necklace  $42

Stitch Fix May
Spoon necklace

To me, this necklace looks like a bunch of spoons.  It’s a bit heavy and I felt that $42 was rather high for this type of statement necklace you can find at cheaper box stores now, but I did like the silver accents so I kept this.

Overall Impressions

This was not my favorite stitch fix and two items went back.  I think I could have returned all of it and not felt like I was missing anything.  The colors were blah and dark, and I didn’t get the skirt I had asked for.  I really hope next time I get to see some colors.  I’ve seen bright yellow blouses in other peoples fixes and was hoping for something more like that.


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