May and June Golden Tote Review

I was sick when my May Golden Tote arrived and didn’t bother to take pics of me wearing the items, but I did take photos of what I got.

May Golden Tote

Golden Tote May 2015

Pick Item #1 – Golden Tote Sweatshirt in Blue

Golden Tote May 2015

It looked a bit small out of the box, but when I tried it on it fit well in the size small that I got.

Pick Item #2 – In the Navy Maxi Dress

Golden Tote May 2015 Golden Tote May 2015

This is a really soft and cute maxi dress.  I accessorized it with a trio of elephants necklace I had and these flat sandals and white linen jacket.

Add on Item – Bring on Spring Sweatshirt in white

Golden Tote May 2015

I had ordered this as part of my April tote but they sent me the blue one instead.  It is the softest most cozy shirt I’ve ever worn so I got it as an add on with this tote so I can have it in two colors.

Surprise Item #1 – Tea & Rose Solid Midi skirt – Charcoal

Golden Tote May 2015

I haven’t worn this yet and it’s just okay.

Surprise Item #2 – Miss Love Lightweight Floral Jacket

Golden Tote May 2015

I actually did wear this yesterday with a pair of khaki bow shorts I got from Anthropologie and a plain white tee.  I forgot to take a pic, but it was a cute look.

Surprise Item #3 – Le Lis Owl Printed Top – peach

Golden Tote May 2015

Haven’t worn this yet either but I think it would look cute with black shorts.  Love the print!

Surprise Item #4 – Very J Printed Elastic Waist Dress – black

Golden Tote May 2015Golden Tote May 2015

This is much shorter than I’m normally comfortable with but I wore it on the weekend when it was hot.  For work I might pair it with some cropped leggings.

Jewelry picks

Golden Tote May 2015 Golden Tote May 2015

I love the elephant bracelet and the delicate necklace.  I’ve worn both several times already.

This bracelet came free with the order but I really don’t care for it and it’s rather “pokey”.

Golden Tote May 2015 Golden Tote May 2015


June Stitch Fix

For June there was only one item I was excited about so I got the one item tote for $49 and was rather disappointed.

Golden Tote June 2015

Pick Item – Fun & Fresh Tank in floral multi

Golden Tote June 2015

I do like the tank.  The print is vibrant and I love the colors.  But as for the surprise item…

Surprise Item – Potters Pot Pleated Pants

Golden Tote June 2015

Culottes.  Just… no.  I can’t describe how bad these looked on me so they are going immediately to charity.

Overall, I really loved my May Golden Tote but probably should have skipped the June one.  For $58.95 (includes tax and shipping) it was not worth it for one sleeveless top.  I think the only tote that really provides value is the $149 tote where you get lots of surprise items.


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