May PopSugar Must Have review

The May  PopSugar Must have box arrived this week and it had some pretty good picks.

PopSugar Must Have Box May


PopSugar Must Have Box May

Sisters of Los Angeles – Surf Sand Love Beach Towel $40

PopSugar Must Have Box May

I like the colors of this beach towel, but when I held it up it was shorter than me so I couldn’t really use it to lay out on.  I’ll probably be giving this one away since we already have a ton of beach towels.

Middle Kingdom – Mini Plum Vase in Coral Red $20

PopSugar Must Have Box MayThis is a cute little bud vase and I put it on the banquette behind our kitchen table.  It matches a painting I have there.

Kitsch – Tri’d & True Y-Shaped Necklace $32

PopSugar Must Have Box MayCute packaging and a nice silver delicate necklace.  Not sure what to wear it with yet.

Sage & Row – Bare Shave Cream $17  + Batiste – Dry Shampoo $4

PopSugar Must Have Box May

The shave cream has a nice light fresh scent and the dry shampoo is supposed to smell like cherry but it was more like cherry mixed with soap?

Hammond’s Candles – McCraw’s Flat Taffy $1

PopSugar Must Have Box May


I got banana flavor.  I ate about half of it but it was getting really stuck in my teeth so I gave up half way through.  Fun item though.

Overall I think this was a pretty decent box this month.  I like the dry shampoo, the vase and the necklace.  I didn’t care for the beach towel but it wasn’t awful.  I still think it’s worth the $39.95 for a few surprise items that are worth more than that together.



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