Stitch Fix June – A few keepers

Based on my last positive stitch fix experience I decided to give it another try.  Unfortunately the stylist who did a great job for me (Lindsey) was on vacation so I got another stylist that didn’t seem to read my past notes or get what I was looking for.  This time I asked for bright happy colors (check), and a focus on skirts and dresses (not check), and maybe a top that would go well with shorts (half check?).  Here’s what I got.

Stitch Fix June 2015 review

Urban Expressions – Adelade Woven Fold Over Clutch $48

Stitch Fix June 2015 review

I went back on forth on this one and debated it over night.  I normally would never use a clutch and don’t even own one, but I loved the feel of this bag.  It is classic with a great neutral color and the bag itself was just a great size for a night out.  In the end I decided to keep it since I don’t already have any clutches and I thought it would be good to have one on hand should the occasion ever present itself.

Renee C – Alecia Abstract Print Maxi Dress $68

Stitch Fix June 2015 review

Stitch Fix June 2015 review

Stitch Fix June 2015 review
With a jacket and the clutch

While I liked the pattern on this, the fabric was a bit itchy and almost iridescent, but the worst part was the fit.  A blousy top like that doesn’t look good on me and I need tops to accentuate my waist in order to flatter my pear shape.  This did nothing for my top or bottom half and a belt made it worse.  This went back.

Pixley – Abriella Waffle Knit Cardigan $48

Stitch Fix June 2015 reviewStitch Fix June 2015 review

This one gets filed under “what were they thinking?”  It was like a giant chenille bathrobe.  Great for 90 degree weather, no?  It was uncomfortable and unflattering and just a no all around.  I know I said no drapey cardigans in the past and this is definitely that.

Pixley – Edmond Chevron Print Henley Shirt $54

Stitch Fix June 2015 reviewStitch Fix June 2015 review

Something I can wear.  I like the soft knit of this top and wore it the next day for an impromptu trip to a nearby island (not the tropical kind, the kind that is surrounded by the Puget Sound and you go to in order to get away from 90 degree heat.)  This was a keeper.

THML – Rosalie Embroidery Panel Back Zip Tank $68

Stitch Fix June 2015 reviewStitch Fix June 2015 review

And again, No.  I also asked for no tanks or sleeveless tops and here we go.  This one had itchy fabric sides, and if I moved my arms away from my body I looked like a giant triangle.  Great for pear shapes, tops that make you look like a triangle.  Back it went.

Overall Impressions

While I didn’t really get dresses/skirts that I was looking for, I ended up with a clutch that I unexpectedly ended up falling in love with and a nice knit top to wear with shorts.  I still hold out hope that if I try again in July with Lindsey I’ll get some good pieces again.  Maybe I just haven’t loved the Golden Tote options lately so I have been wanting to get back into stitch fix.  I think I’ll give it another shot in July.



3 thoughts on “Stitch Fix June – A few keepers

  1. At least you got a couple of keepers! (I have that Pixley top in a deifferent color, it’s one of the 2 total items I’ve kept out of 6 Stitch Fix boxes!) I have the same problem where I say “please no (insert item here)” and then they send me exactly that. Just had an awesome first experience with ModaBox – might be worth giving a try! (There’s a review on my blog.)

  2. Hey! I found your reviews after searching a pomelo top I really loved getting in my fix. I love the way you format everything and show pics! I am curious to know how Stitchfix finds and rotates their clothes since I got this exact top a year ago… You can see it in my old blog post here:

    … And I already had it for a while before this was taken! It’s still an amazing top and I get compliments all the time on mine, but I’m wondering on pricing now! Regardless, this top and the greenish chevron dress in your July fix were two of my favs that hang in my closet! You have great taste!

    1. Thanks for the comments! I’m not sure how they rotate their items either, because I’ve asked for specific items I’ve seen people post and one month later they tell me they don’t have any left. The other thing I’ve noticed is that I sometimes see the same item branded differently. If you search for the Pixley Ohara dress, you’ll see that it’s also branded as Pomelo and Market and Spruce. Same exact dress in the same color!

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