Stitch Fix July – A pleasant surprise

We’ve been having a crazy heat wave here in the Pacific Northwest so for this stitch fix I requested knit fabrics and skirts and dresses:

July Stitch Fix 2015

Here’s what I got:

July Stitch Fix 2015



Marlyn Schiff – Aliza Stone Teardrop Earrings $28

July Stitch Fix 2015

I didn’t take a separate picture of these and while the color is nice, they reminded me so much of the cheap earrings you get paired with a necklace at Charming Charlie.  I wouldn’t have kept these if it wasn’t for the 5 item discount.

Pixley – Randa Tiered Knit Top $48

July Stitch Fix 2015

July Stitch Fix 2015

While the fabric was a soft knit and it had a nice fitted silhouette, I didn’t care for the lack of color and the weird gathers hit me in very unflattering places and had the effect of making me look like an armadillo.  Again, I wouldn’t have kept this if it weren’t for the 5 item discount.  More  on that later.

Gilli – Tyra Maxi Dress $88

July Stitch Fix 2015

July Stitch Fix 2015


I loved the color of this (it’s bright orange, hard to tell with the pic) and I loved that I could easily wear a bra with it.  When I tried it on I liked the way it looked okay but felt it made me look a little bit wider in the hips.  Now that I see this photo I’m not so sure the shape is working for me.  Not sure I should have kept this one?

July Stitch Fix 2015
Wore it to work, loved it!

Papermoon – Remmie Printed Maxi Skirt $58

July Stitch Fix 2015 July Stitch Fix 2015The fabric on this is sooo soft and I love the colors.  It was a little bit big in the waist though.  I complained when Lindsey sent me a size small maxi skirt, but now I think it might have made sense.  The waistband was just really loose on this, but I did like the way it fit my hips better.  I guess I’m between sizes.

July Stitch Fix 2015
I wore it this week to work

Pixley – Ohara Faux Wrap Tie-Waist Dress $68

July Stitch Fix 2015 July Stitch Fix 2015

I love this dress.  The fabric is great, the fit is great, and the color is nice.  Perfect for work!

July Stitch Fix 2015
Great work dress

Overall Impressions

When I was done trying everything on, I was all set to send back the armadillo tee, and the earrings but quickly found out that I would be spending $3 less than if I kept all 5 items because of the 25% discount.  I figured even if I donate the armadillo top to the local charity shop it’s worth the $3 for the earrings.  I wish the prices were a bit more reasonable if you’re not keeping all 5 items, but overall I was really pleased with the soft fabrics and the pops of color this time.  I still didn’t get my requested stylist Lindsey because they said she’s still on vacation, but Joannie did a good job on this one.  I already went ahead and scheduled my next stitch fix for August and can’t wait to see what I get!


3 thoughts on “Stitch Fix July – A pleasant surprise

  1. love the tan sandles you are wearing in the first pic with the black shirt and khaki shorts – where from?

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