PopSugar Must Have Box April

The April  PopSugar Must have box has arrived, and this time I’d rate it as “so-so”.

April PopSugar Must Have BoxIt looks like the theme is along the lines of “April showers bring May…herbs?”

April PopSugar Must Have Box

Dabney Lee – Dottie Umbrella $20

April PopSugar Must Have Box

I love this!  It’s navy blue with white polka dots and a pink handle.  Plus it has an auto open and close feature.  I’m really curious to see how it auto closes but I haven’t tried it in the house yet.

One Love Organics – Gardenia + Tea Antioxidant Body Serum  $39

April PopSugar Must Have Box

The packaging is a strange little spray bottle and it promises to help moisturize your skin.  After sitting in the sun on my vacation my skin has really started drying out so I sprayed some on my legs this morning and rubbed it in.  It has an oily texture and smells quite nice.  It didn’t do much for moisture though and I need to add some body lotion to my legs, but I’m really dry right now.

Produce Candles – Rhubarb Spring Candle  $20

April PopSugar Must Have Box

This has a very subtle natural scent and I think my husband might even be okay with me burning it in the kitchen.  (He’s generally opposed to things that have any scent.)  I’ll give this a try next time I want to neutralize kitchen odors.

Flip & Tumble – 24/7 Bag – $12

April PopSugar Must Have Box

I already have a few of these bags, my Mom got me hooked a while back.  I don’t have this color so I’m happy to add it to my collection.  I usually stash one in my purse so I can use it when I’m out shopping or when I need to throw a few extra things in to transport back and forth to work.  I love reusable bags.  This also came with a coupon for my next purchase from flip & tumble.

Potting Shed Creations – Garden-in-a-bag Basil – $10

April PopSugar Must Have Box

I’m not a huge fan of Basil, but I do love gardening and growing things so I’ll get this started right away.  It’s a pretty cool idea to have an herb garden you can grow in a bag.

Mott 50 – $25 gift card

April PopSugar Must Have Box

This one went straight in the trash after I visited their website.  It’s all super expensive and nothing I’d be interested in.  Rash guards and expensive cover ups.  No thanks.

Overall, it’s not my favorite box, but I like the body serum and umbrella and the candle smells nice so I feel that it was worth the money.  I still love getting surprises each month.


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