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Summer Dresses

I’ve been wearing a lot of dresses this week to work and got a chance to wear two of my new favorite Boden dresses.  Both of the Boden dresses are currently on clearance and stocks are dwindling, but I highly recommend both.

Boden Nancy Dress – $74 on clearance

Boden Nancy Dress

I got this dress in the Blue Riviera pattern and I just love the fit.  The pattern is super cute in person and the dress is soft and flowy.  Perfect for a summer day with a cardigan thrown over it for the office.

Boden Santorini Sundress – $70.40 on clearance

Boden Santorini dress

I love this dress too.  It is made of a nice jersey fabric and it has pockets!  I loved having pockets in a dress but it is pretty rare.  I paired it with an old stitch fix necklace.

41 Hawthorn Stitch Fix Wrap Dress

stitch fix dress

I’ve worn this dress before, but I just love the soft jersey fabric and the length.  Perfect for work!


May Outfits

Here are some of the things I’ve been wearing this month.

Old Navy printed tee
Old Navy printed tee

I love these T-shirts available at Old Navy right now.  I got it in all three colors, mint, white and pink.  They are on sale right now for only $8.

Banana Republic Gemma Dress
Banana Republic Gemma Dress

I wore this dress for a big presentation to some higher ups, but when I got to work in the morning I found out the presentation was postponed.  I’ll have to pull it back out when it gets rescheduled.

Stitch Fix Wrap Dress
Stitch Fix Wrap Dress

I seriously love this dress.  The fabric is so nice and it lays nicely and is the perfect length.

Stitch Fix Wrap Top
Stitch Fix Wrap Top and necklace

I had mixed feelings about this wrap top from Stitch Fix.  It looks cute from some angles and my husband told me it was flattering, but then I’d catch a glimpse in the mirror at other times and have to readjust because it was not sitting in a flattering way.  It is soft and comfortable though.

Banana Republic Factory top
Banana Republic Factory top and necklace

I bought this top and necklace when I was in Hawaii at the factory shops.  I love the colors and the silky fabric.  It paired well with a navy cardigan.

Orange Gap Dress
Orange Gap Dress

I bought this dress last year and never wore it.  I had such reservations but decided to pull it out this year and wear it at least once.  It’s cute on and the color and pattern are nice, but it’s too short for me to feel comfortable and when I sit down it hikes way up which was uncomfortable at work when we have casual meetings in my office with me facing people in my chair.  I have already donated it to charity after a closet clean out.

Boden Dress
Boden Easy Day Dress

I love Boden and this dress is fabulous.  The fabric is soft and I love the polka dot pattern.  It also came in a long length which is perfect for me to wear to work.  I threw on a soft purple cardigan and some black wedge sandals and was comfortable at work.  It’s on clearance right now for $70.56.

Boden Riviera Shirt Dress
Boden Riviera Shirt Dress

I also really love this dress which is also currently on clearance for $70.56.  I felt very chic wearing this to work and love the way it flatters my figure.

Stitch Fix Top and Mint Jeans
Stitch Fix Top and Mint Jeans

I wore this new stitch fix top with mint jeans as the cards had suggested and a jean jacket.  I liked the overall look.