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For the Makers May Review

This month’s For the Makers kit was called Toketee.

For the Makers Toketee

I looked it up on Wikipedia and found that Toketee is a Chinook Jargon word meaning “pretty” or “graceful”.

Here’s what was included:

For the Makers ToketeeThere was a necklace, earrings, tea towel, and wall pegs.

I probably had the most fun with the tea towel.  You needed to first cut out foam shapes and attach them to the ends of a cork.  I decided on a triangle pattern, a chevron type pattern, and two parallel lines.

For the Makers Toketee For the Makers ToketeeThen you mix up some paint and paint the foam and stamp it on the tea towel.  Here are some designs I made.

For the Makers ToketeeFor the Makers Toketee For the Makers Toketee For the Makers Toketee

Whole tea towel:

For the Makers Toketee

The other painting project were these wall pegs.  I made these using blue painters tape to form the lines.

For the Makers Toketee

Of the two jewelry projects, I really liked the necklace and have already worn it with a red maxi dress.

For the Makers ToketeeFor the Makers Toketee

Overall this was a pretty cool kit and I had fun making all of the projects.  Can’t wait to see what is in store for June!


Darby Smart April

April’s box came and I was excited to see what it was when I felt the weight of the box.

Darby Smart April
The project
Darby Smart April
The supplies

It turned out to be a metal stamping kit.  I loved the idea of making a stamped necklace and pulled out a rug and piece of cardboard to protect my floor.  I decided to go with Yoga/Zen themes for my pendants.

Darby Smart April
The process

I simply marked out where I wanted each letter to go and taped it to the metal block.

Darby Smart April
Finished pendants

I actually wanted the one on the right to say “Breathe” but it didn’t fit and I had poor planning.  🙂

Darby Smart April
After Sharpie
Darby Smart April
Final necklace

Darby Smart remains one of my favorite boxes for their diversity of projects.  They vary greatly and introduce me to new mediums.  I am happy to continue with this subscription.  Next up this weekend : For the Makers and Paper Pumpkin.