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What I wore this week

Again, I only remembered to take pictures 3 times, but here is what I wore.

Red Skirt and Polka Dot Blouse

I really love this skirt I bought at Ann Taylor Loft back in the early fall, but it was gaping somewhat unattractively and I’m not sure the cut really works with my shape.  The color is beautiful though and it went well with this sleeveless white polka dot blouse I also bought from Loft.

Red Skirt and White Polka Dot Blouse


Burgundy Blouse and Leather Jacket

This was a somewhat leather heavy outfit between the jacket and the boots, but it’s getting really cold outside and the jacket helped keep me warm in the office.  The blouse was from one of my stitch fixes.Burgundy Blouse and Leather Jacket


Dress and tights

The dress and necklace were from an old stitch fix, and the cardigan was from Target.  I paired everything with these teal tights, but I didn’t love the look of the tights.  I think I’ll stick with black and neutral tights.  For some reason the color made me look sort of sickly.Stitch Fix Dress and tights

A Week of Fall Work Outfits

More accurately, I should say four days of fall work outfits since I forgot to take a picture one of the days.  Here is what I wore:

Mustard Skirt and striped top from Boden

Mustard skirt and striped shirt

Sixties Mini – Boden $58

Lightweight rollneck top – Boden $28

Edgy boucle jacket and ripped jeans

rocker chic

Curvy Distressed Skinny Jeans – Loft $74.99

Faux Fur Collar Military Style Jacket

faux fur collar military jacket


Green Dress from Boden

Green Boden dress

Marilyn Dress – Boden $138

Stitch Fix #3

Stitch Fix #3 has arrived!  I was super excited to see what I got this time.  Upon opening the box I saw a variety of darker patterns, presumably for fall.

Stitch Fix #3
Stitch Fix #3

Here are the individual items:

Plaid top - stitch fix
Plaid top
Open cardigan stitch fix
Open cardigan
striped dress stitch fix
striped dress
teal blouse stitch fix
teal blouse
patterned dress stitch fix
patterned dress

Farah Fit & Flare Striped Dress from Ark n Co

I think this was my favorite item from this box.  The fit and flare style was perfect for my pear shape, and I love the pattern and feel of the fabric.  Also, it has pockets!  I love pockets on dresses.

ark n co flare striped dressThe card suggested pairing it with a blue cardigan or grey blazer, but I actually didn’t mind the look of the dress by itself for a change so decided to try it on its own with a chunky necklace.  Love it!

striped dress Ark N Co

Shanae Printed Tie Waist Dress by Daniel Rainn

I also really ended up loving this dress.  The length was great, and I can see it going well with a wide black belt and tights and boots in the winter.

patterned dressThe card suggested pairing it with a jean jacket which I think would look really cute, but again I wanted to try it by itself with a necklace from a previous stitch fix.

patterned dress stitch fix

Mission 3/4 Sleeve blouse by 41Hawthorn

I love the color of this blouse, but wasn’t a huge fan of the fabric.  This stitch fix contained three items with fabric that I didn’t care for.  I hope I was able to get that across well enough in my notes to them.  Sometimes polyester can be fine, but in the case of these three tops it felt itchy and non-breathable.  I really love the fit and color of this though so I decided to keep it.

teal blouse stitch fixThe card suggested pairing it with white capris which I think will look really good, but for this I decided to try some rolled up jeans and the same necklace.

teal blouse stitch fix

Zelda Plaid blouse by Under Skies

Again, the fabric on this was awful.  It was thick and scratchy, but the pattern happened to go really well with a rust colored pencil skirt I had just bought at Ann Taylor Loft, so I felt like I should keep it.  It looks cute on, but feels rather uncomfortable.

plaid blouse stitch fix

I like it with my teal wedges.

plaid top stitch fix

Cellar Open Front Drape Cardigan by Sweet Rain

I was planning to send this item back because I really didn’t like it.  The fabric was itchy and hot and I hated the drape and fit of this.  I’m not a fan of drapey cardigans for my shape.  Unfortunately, if I sent this back I would have been losing the 25% off all items and would have ended up paying more for the order, so here it stays.  I just plan to give it away to a charity shop.

drapey cardigan


open cardigan stitch fix

Overall Impressions

This time I loved the two dresses, and liked the teal blouse and the pattern on the plaid one.  I think my first stitch fix was still the best, but I’ve been happy with the price tag for all of these custom picked goods.  The total for this box came to $225.  For two versatile dresses and two blouses I liked, that seems like a pretty good deal.  I scheduled my next stitch fix for 3 weeks out.