April Golden Tote Review

My Golden Tote for April arrived on May 1st.  (They keep slipping dates with the launches which is starting to put them into the next month.)  This month I was extremely excited for the black spring chic maxi dress but when I tried to get a tote on the launch day, the site (as usual) had tons of problems and kept timing out and leaving things out of the cart and several hours later when I was finally able to get it working they had sold out of all sizes of the black maxi.  They restocked a week later but they only had small left by the time I got to the site so I decided I’d try to make it work.

What I ordered clearly stated on my receipt:

  • Spring Chic Maxi Dress
  • Bring on Spring Sweatshirt in white with pineapple and palm tree print

What I got:

  • Spring Chic maxi dress
  • Bring on Spring Sweatshirt in BLUE with anchors and boats

I was not very happy that they sent me the wrong item, but when I went to the site they were all sold out of the white one in my size.

The Tote

Golden Tote April 2015


Spring Chic Maxi Dress – size small

Golden Tote April 2015

Golden Tote April 2015

Because I ended up ordering the small, the gathered elastic waist was a bit tight and uncomfortable.  I have since made a few alterations on the dress and let out the elastic at the front sides so it’s much more comfortable now.  After I put this dress on I feel like it makes me look like I have man arms so I’m not as happy with it as I expected.

Bring on Spring Sweatshirt – Blue NOT white as ordered

Golden Tote April 2015

Golden Tote April 2015

I have to say, this is the softest thing I’ve ever worn.  I immediately wore it the day I tried it on and am wearing it this morning as I type up my review.  SO soft and cozy.  I wish it was the white color, but I’m happy nevertheless.  I ended up ordering this in a small since on the larger model it looked really over-sized in a medium and I the small definitely works.

Oat & Fawn Animal Print Blouse – Pugs

Golden Tote April 2015

Golden Tote April 2015


It’s a little bizarre to have a pug print on the blouse since I don’t have a dog, but its cute nevertheless.  I like the print from a distance and the fit is okay.  It’s a little loose and large but I think a smaller size would have been tight across the shoulders.

Renee C Blouse with Chevron Print Sleeves and Back

Golden Tote April 2015

Golden Tote April 2015


The front fabric on this is a little scratchy but the back and sleeves are soft.  I like the print and the shape, I’ll probably wear it to work this week.

Ellison Candy Print Button Down

Golden Tote April 2015

Golden Tote April 2015

While I don’t love the tunic length on this, the color and print and super cute.  The fabric is also nice and soft.  I’ll just have to wear a wide belt with it to give me some shape and definition.  Maybe with white jeans?

Jella C Lace Flared Midi Skirt

Golden Tote April 2015

Golden Tote April 2015

Love the fabric and the fit, just not sure what to wear with this?  I was thinking maybe a muted pink tee and an army jacket?  Not sure what to pair this one with.  Also it’s a bit see through…

Overall Impressions

Overall, I think this was a decent tote.  I LOVE the blue sweatshirt and the black dress will be good now that I’ve done alterations.  The pug blouse and white chevron print blouse will be good for work and the green blouse maybe for weekends.  I am looking forward to the May Golden Tote which launches on May 11th, but I’ve only seen a few previews so far.


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