Striped swing skirt

We had a lovely warm end to the week and after a morning out on the boat, I grabbed this striped swing skirt from the closet and paired it with a simple white tee and an old flower cardigan from Old Navy.  I also threw on my favorite flip flops from Crocs so I could comfortably run some errands.  I find that skirts are a great way to even out my proportions and are so easy to throw on for a summer weekend.

striped swing skirt from Ann Taylor Loft, white Tee and Cardigan
Striped swing skirt, tee and cardigan.

Where to get it:

Striped swing skirt – Ann Taylor Loft $49.50 (watch for sales)

Grey cardigan (similar, but no flower.  I bought that years ago) – Old Navy $22.94

Crocs Kadee flip flops  – Amazon $18.74

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