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Stitch Fix #1

I was first introduced to the new Box subscription trend from a post on Refinery 29 back in April.  After a lot of internet research and comparing both Tog + Porter and Stitch Fix, I decided to go with Tog + Porter first because I really liked some of the items I saw on other peoples blogs, and you could set your price point for that one.  After a very disappointing experience with Tog + Porter (which I’ll post about later, I’m giving them one more chance at redemption) I decided to see how Stitch Fix worked.

I started by visiting the website for Stitch Fix and created a new account.  After this, they ask you quite a few questions about sizes you wear and preferences.  They also asked you about specific trends and which ones you’d be interested in trying and which ones you’d like to pass on.  They had a very helpful section with pictures and you could say if you like some of the pieces, all of the pieces, or none of them.  They were grouped by style type and helped identify the types of things you go for.  I also really liked that they asked questions about how much you wanted to cover certain body areas, and what your proportions were.  I could even choose to avoid having them send bottoms since this is typically a tough area for me unless I try it on in a store.  Additionally they ask about which occasions you are looking for, which for me was mostly casual and work.

After answering all of the questions and feeling like I was able to present a pretty clear picture of what I was looking for, I got to schedule my first fix.  I was even able to pick a date about one week in the future!  I was thrilled with the ability to choose the date and schedule when I wanted to receive it, since it’s been 2 months since I’ve heard anything from Tog + Porter and my “stylist” gets angry when I try to ask why it’s taking so long.  Here I can just pick a date on a calendar, and then magically it appears.

Right on time, as scheduled my first box arrived with it’s teal logo and I eagerly brought it inside to begin digging out the contents.

Stitch Fix Box Number 1
Stitch Fix Box #1

The first thing I saw when I opened the box was an amazing card that shows you two ideas with complete outfits that would compliment the item.  I found this really helpful since I often see cute tops and wonder, “what would I wear this with”?

Helpful outfit ideas
Helpful outfit ideas

At a glance, looking at the stack I could tell these were all items I was interested in trying on.  The colors were right on and the styles were similar to what I wear but just enough different for me to feel a little more adventurous.

Stitch Fix #1
The goods

The necklace on top was adorable, and very much like some of the statement necklaces I’ve been wearing all summer but with a fresh new set of colors.

statement necklace
statement necklace

I then took my box of goodies upstairs and began trying them on with both some of the suggested outfits (for the pieces I had) and tried a few combinations of my own.

Striped Top

They recommended wearing this top with a teal pencil skirt and black flats, but I didn’t have a teal pencil skirt.  I instead decided to go with a deep purple pencil skirt instead, some black flats and the new necklace.  I wouldn’t have thought to try this on my own, but I liked the overall look.

striped top and pencil skirt
striped top and pencil skirt

I thought I’d also try it in a style that is more like what I would throw on for work with an army jacket and jeans.  I like it this way too.

Stitch Fix #1
striped top and military jacket

Red Ruched Top

Next up, I paired the red short sleeved ruched top with some white capri length jeans, a few gold bangle bracelets, and my brown ankle strap sandals.  This top was a little more fitted than I’d usually go for, but I loved the colors and overall it was a pretty cute work outfit for a sunny day.

Stitch Fix #1
Red top

White Silk Blouse

This blouse had a slightly more edgy feel, and definitely needed to be ironed, but I loved the way it felt and looked on.  I wasn’t sure what kind of jewelry to wear with it, so I kept it simple with black skinny jeans and black flats.

Stitch Fix #1
White sleeveless blouse

Boho Cardigan

Last was this bohemian feeling cardigan with bell sleeves.  At first I wasn’t so sure about the fit since it is rather flowy and open, but when I paired it with this mint green silk shell I have from H&M I really liked the overall look.  I tried it with some edgy moto style boots, and I think it might look good with knee high brown ones as well or maybe just sandals.

Stitch Fix #1
Boho Cardigan

After trying everything on and thinking about what else I could wear the pieces with, I decided to keep all 5 items.  When you keep all 5 items, you get a 25% discount which made everything completely reasonably priced.  There is also a $20 styling fee, but that can be applied towards anything you keep, so I only ended up paying for the 5 items – 25%.

Based on my first experience, I’d give Stitch Fix a great big thumbs up.  There were no awkward Skype conversations, they stylist did a great job picking items that fit and worked with my style and budget, and the best part is you can decide when you want your next one.  I’ve already set up box #2, and cannot wait to see what they pick out next!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I had a pretty good time at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale.  (Despite the bargain basement atmosphere.)  Some of the sections were already quite picked over, but I managed to snag a few good deals.

Faux Fur Military Jacket and apple print shirt
Faux Fur Military Jacket and apple print shirt

I normally don’t go for faux fur accents, as they feel a bit over the top, but this jacket really called to me and the fur is super soft and removable.  I thought it went well with this apple printed button up.  I also can envision the button up with a brown corduroy skirt I have with a oatmeal sweater layered on top.

boucle jacket and military boots
boucle jacket and military boots

I think this boucle jacket will look great with some black skinny jeans and a cool accent necklace.  I fell in love with the boots and can’t wait to pair them with a flowy skirt or dress and tights.  It’s hard to tell from the picture, but they are a nice olive green and have zippers up the side.

The goods:

Zigi Girl Talia boot – Nordstrom $129.00

Halogen Bomber jacket – Nordstrom $64.90

Caslon removable fur jacket – Nordstrom $64.90

Halogen Roll Sleeve shirt – Nordstrom $37.90

I also picked up a great new foundation from the Georgio Armani counter.  The sales lady was very helpful and ended up doing a whole face makeover for me which looked pretty great, aside from the pounds of mascara she coated me with.  I bought a few new cosmetics as well.  All in all, it was a very relaxing Saturday.

Shopping Saturday

Today I hit the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and got a few pretty good items.  The store was extremely crowded and felt a little “Bargain basement-y” but overall, there were some great pre-fall items I’m excited to wear.

In order to feel stylish and ready for my shopping trip, I threw on these white capris, a red blouse from New York and Company, and my favorite Franco Sarto sandals.  (Comfy shoes are a must for the mall.)  I’m also wearing my new necklace from Tiffany & Co from the Gatsby collection.  It was a present I got last night from my husband for our anniversary.

White jean capris and red blouse
White jean capris, and a red blouse.


Tiffany and Co Gatsby collection necklace
My new necklace


Retro Chic

Today I felt like wearing a dress, so I pulled out an old ModCloth favorite.  I love the cut of this dress and how it makes me feel like twirling.  The shape goes in at the waist and flows out into a full skirt and balances my figure nicely.  I paired it with some spectator peep toe shoes I had from several years back.  So glad it’s Friday.  🙂

ModCloth dress
ModCloth dress

Patterned Tunic top

Another style I’m fond of for disguising my pear shape is a tunic top paired with skinny jeans.  I got this one at Anthropologie and love the pattern and fabric.  There clothing is somewhat on the pricier side, but I try to find thing I truly love there and therefore can justify the price.  I once bought a pair of $80 lounge pants there which seems ridiculous, but they are my favorite pants in my closet.  I paired them with a simple white tee and a layered necklace for a summer concert.  I’m sure they’ll be one of my go-to items in hot weather.

Patterened tunic from anthropologie
Patterned tunic from Anthropologie

Where to get the look:

Skinny ankle jeans – Ann Taylor Loft $69.50 (50% off right now)

Swizzle Stripe Tunic – Anthropologie $98.00

Franco Sarto Gracy Sandals – Piperlime $54.99

Necklace – Anthropologie in store (trio of elephants)

Patio Skirt

A few months back I started to get into the whole maxi skirt/maxi dress trend.  I love the maxi because it is cool and comfortable on hot days, but also keeps me warm in the air conditioning.  It works well for my pear shape, because it drapes nicely from my hips giving me a nice clean silhouette.  I can easily pair this one with my usual jean jacket, a chambray shirt, or cardigan.

Patio Skirt Banana Republic
Patio Skirt

Where to get this look:

Skirt – Banana Republic, no longer available on their website

Timeless Tank – Banana Republic $20.00

Navy Cardigan – (Similar) Gap $31.99

Classic layer necklace – Banana Republic $29.50