Crazy for polka dots

Whenever I see an item of clothing that has polka dots on it, I am tempted to immediately snatch it up, regardless of size or shape.  If it happens to be navy with white polka dots, I think I go a little crazy.  I don’t know why or what from my childhood may have influenced my love of these little dots, but it is my favorite pattern hands down.  (Even my wallet sports a nice tan with black polka dots pattern.)

When I tried on this navy polka dot top from Modcloth last night, I knew I had to wear it the very next day.  Not only was the pattern lovely, but the cut is a nice peplum shape and the fabric drapes nicely.  I paired it with a wide brown leather belt, my white linen blazer from Nordstrom, some cute red sandals and voila!  Perfect outfit to beat the Monday blues.   Did it make my day a little more awesome?  I’d like to think so.

polka dot top
polka dot top

Where to get the look:

Working for the Weekdays top – Modcloth $37.99

White linen blazer Olivia Moon – Nordstrom $39.49


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