November Stitch Fix – Major Fail :(

Well, just when I didn’t think my fixes could get worse, they proved me wrong.  I believe part of the issue with this one was a miscommunication and I am partially to blame.  At one point in my comments after a fix I accidentally said I wanted tops that hit “mid-thigh” because they kept sending me tops that were too short.  What I meant to say was “mid-hip” or “mid-back pocket” which is what works best for a pear shaped lady, and I immediately realized my blunder and added a note to the next fix request and updated my profile with another note to say that’s not what I meant.

Apparently the new stylist only saw the mistake comment because this fix was all super long tops in boring colors and a dress that was too short.  I think some of the tops might have actually been longer than the dress.  For this particular fix I had asked for a “fall floral patterned dress in a chiffon or similar pattern, to wear with boots and a oatmeal cardigan  I have, hopefully about 40″ long, and a piece of jewelry.”  Here’s what I got:

Stitch Fix #6
A holiday surprise!

First off, the site had made a big deal telling customers to make sure to order their November boxes because there would be a special surprise.  I saw the little packet and got excited thinking maybe it was a coupon of some sort?  No, it was simply a coupon code for a discount on some wine, a few recipes, and advertisements trying to get you to give Stitch Fix gift cards for holiday gifts.  That turned out to be a dud.

The goods

Stitch Fix #6

Stitch Fix #6
Infinity Scarf
Stitch Fix #6
Red open cardigan
Stitch Fix #6
blouse or dress, not sure
Stitch Fix #6
Fall Dress
Stitch Fix #6
dress or blouse?

The outfit ideas all came on one card this time.  Here were the suggestions:

Stitch Fix #6

41Hawthorn Colibri Colorblocked Henley Blouse $48


Boring color, completely unflattering cut.

Ezra Agnes Belted Floral Print Dress $58

Stitch Fix #6

Paired with my own cardigan and belt, it was okay, but way too short.  If I shrugged my shoulders the whole dress lifted up another 6 inches or so.  Not appropriate for work at all and it felt too young for me, probably because of the length.

Ravel Marleena Front Pleat Button-Up Shirt $68

Stitch Fix #6

I don’t think this could be any more unflattering.  Also I don’t need boring white blouses.  This one looks sort of like a lab coat.

41Hawthron Abrianna Longsleeve Knit Cardigan  $48

Stitch Fix #6

I’m wearing my slippers in this pic, but the cardigan was just sort of shapeless and didn’t do anything for me.  I toyed with the idea of keeping this one since I liked the color and the fabric was nice, but in the end it just wasn’t worth the extra $28 it would have taken to keep it.  I realize I am losing out on the $20 styling fee, but there was nothing in that box that felt worth investing any money into.  Even the scarf was just okay, and at $48, I felt like I could have gotten the same thing at Target for a fraction of the price.

So overall this was a very disappointing and sad fix.  I returned every last item and was out $20.  I don’t know why they started sending me the most boring blah colored items with no patterns and the length of these was just awful.  I know I am partially to blame for that, but I really wish they would read ALL of the notes.  Also there was no jewelry and I specifically asked for jewelry.

I’m giving December one last go, and this time I just asked for tops with colorful patterns and textures that hit mid-hip or mid-back pocket and maybe a soft chunky sweater.  It would be nice to get a December surprise that I didn’t want to rush back to the post office.

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