December Stitch Fix Review

After last months total disappointment, December was a bit better.  The card acknowledged that they missed my correction comment about not wanting tops that hit mid-thigh but rather mid-hip.  I have been insanely busy with work and trying to get ready for the holidays so didn’t have time to take pictures of me trying everything on, but here is what they sent.

Stitch Fix December

Item #1 – Sweet Rain: Roger Asymetrical Zipper Jacket $78

Stitch Fix DecemberThis looked pretty cute on.  The fabric was a stretchy ponte knit, and I liked the color.  It fit like an athletic jacket with the hemline dipping a bit lower in the back which works well with my figure.  I felt it was a bit pricey for a moto style athletic jacket, but since it was flattering and I could see myself wearing it the very next day I decided to keep this.

Item #2 – Mystree: Nadira Sequin Striped Long Sleeve Shirt $48

Stitch Fix DecemberThis was a stretchy cotton top that fit nicely and had just a touch of sparkle.  No objections.  The card that came with it suggested pairing it with an olive military style jacket which I think I will do next week.  I kept this too.

Item #3 – Under Skies: Lawton Abstract Print Split Neck Blouse $58

Stitch Fix DecemberThe print on this was nice, but I’ve already gotten several navy print blouses from Stitch Fix.  When I tried it on, the fit was all wrong.  It stuck out oddly in the front and back making me look like a weird tent.  Because the hemline curved up at the hips, it accentuated my hips again and was not at all flattering.  This one went back.

Item #4 – Oxmo: Clora Dot & Colorblocked Cotton Sweater $78

Stitch Fix DecemberLoved the pattern and weight of this sweater, but why did they make it with such a low scoop neck?  When I tried it on, it was practically showing clevage and I don’t understand why you’d make a sweater which is meant to be worn in cold weather with such a low neckline that is just drafty and cold.  It was unflattering and way too cold.  This one went back as well.

Item #5 – Rikka: Danielle Long Knot Necklace $32

Stitch Fix DecemberThe necklace was simple and since it was plain gold, will go with anything.  It’s super long so you loop it for a double layer effect.  I had no objections to the necklace and decided to keep it, but the price was a bit high for the quality of the necklace.  Had I been keeping all 5 items and gotten the 25% discount I think I would have been okay with the price of the items, but without the discount they just seem like a bad deal.

Overall Impressions

Overall, I was glad that a few of the pieces worked out, but am confused as to why they are only sending me navy and burgundy clothes.  I have repeatedly asked for more colors and patterns and stated that my favorite color was mustard but haven’t gotten a single item in that color.  I have to wonder what in my profile or comments has screamed “Only send burgundy and navy!”  Since I’m keeping 3 items this time I decided to sign up for the January box.  I’m still not sure if I want to continue doing stitch fix since it doesn’t feel like a good deal for what I’m getting if I don’t keep all 5 items.  Maybe January will surprise me.

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