Golden Tote Review December

Due to my recent dissatisfaction with Stitch Fix, I decided to try a new subscription service I had heard about called Golden Tote.  With Golden Tote, you have two options.  You can pay $49 to select one item from several options, and they will send you an additional 1-2 items as a surprise, or you can pay $149 to pick 2 items and they will send you an additional 3-5 items.  You don’t get to select which ones you keep or send back, so it’s more of an all or nothing service.  I decided to go with the $149 option since I felt I’d have a better chance of getting more items I wanted to keep.

The Goods

Golden Tote

Golden Tote
What I ordered
Golden Tote
The Extras
Golden Tote
Black Lace Dress
Golden Tote
Ikat blouse
Golden Tote
stripey tee
Golden Tote
Cream lace blouse
Golden Tote
Owl Sweater
Golden Tote

They even sent a little bracelet as a bonus.  Overall, I was really pleased with the selections.  The fabrics were nice and soft, and the fit was perfect on all of the items.  I found that even though I didn’t fill out a profile for this one, they seemed to be right on with my style and preferences.  I’m sure it was just pure coincidence, but if this is any indication of the quality of items they send, I’ll be doing this again.

I’m considering cancelling my January Stitch Fix and just doing another Golden Tote since I’m much happier with the items here.

I already wore the owl sweater to work today.  🙂

Golden Tote

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