Stitch Fix Review #8

After battling some flu like symptoms and getting back to work this week, my January Stitch Fix has arrived.  I approached the box with a bit of trepidation since the last few were not all that satisfying.  I just hoped that I’d be keeping at least one item in order not to have wasted the $20 styling fee.  My only request this time had been “more colors and patterns please”.  I hesitantly opened up the box to see…

Stitch Fix 8a sea of black and white.

This was not at all what I asked for, so I’m wondering why they completely ignored my request.  Then I unfold the note that comes with the fix and see this:

Stitch Fix 8Wait, What?????  Congrats on your first fix?  We’re excited to have you join?  The receipt clearly states that this is my 8th fix!!  So this stylist somehow thought I was a new customer and apparently did not look at a single note from my past history, or my last request for color and patterns.  Wow.

Stitch Fix 8 016 Stitch Fix 8 Stitch Fix 8 Stitch Fix 8 Stitch Fix 8

Splendid Ruben Tab-Sleeve Open Cardigan $78 and Rikka Amanda Enamel Bib Necklace $38

Stitch Fix 8

Not really loving this cardigan.  The fabric is thin and not at all good for winter, and the cut is not flattering.  It just sort of cuts me off and makes my upper body looks stumpy.

41Hawthorn Amani Cowl Neck Sleeveless Blouse $48

Stitch Fix 8This top by itself looks terrible on me.  I look like an exaggerated purple pear.  Thumbs down on this one.

But then, when I put the two items together…

Stitch Fix 8Suddenly this outfit looks professional and I could see myself wearing it for an upcoming conference I have to attend for the night events.  Despite the items being awful on their own, I decide I’ll keep them because paired together they work.

Renee C Rosenberg Dip-Dye Cross-Front Knit Shirt $58

Stitch Fix 8This one is a bit quirky and strange, but overall I liked the faux leather panel at the top and the fabric was soft.  I’m not sure what to wear under it though.  A white tee looked bad and the sleeves were too tight, but I don’t like the triangular peak of my fly of my jeans so I might try to find a longer tank I could wear underneath.  Decided to keep it because it’s unique.

41Hawthorn Dominic Brick Print Belted Shirtdress $78

Stitch Fix 8On the hanger this one reminded me of a dress I had gotten in a previous fix that I really didn’t end up liking after I wore it, but once I put it on, I saw that the fit was much nicer and flattering.  I will wear it with a black half slip underneath because the buttons don’t go low enough at the bottom and the flap kept opening up, but overall it was a surprisingly good dress for work.  Decided to keep it.

Overall Impressions

Despite the fact that everything they sent was black and white with one exception of the purple blouse, and despite the stylist thinking it was my first fix, I ended up keeping all of the items from this fix for a total of $210.  I actually requested this stylist for my next fix, because even though the colors were off, these pieces generally were a better fit for me than some of the odd stuff previous stylists had picked out.  We’ll see what the February box reveals, but I really hope it’s color.  My request this time was no more black/white, or solid burgundy or navy.  Here’s hoping.

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