Stitch Fix April Review

My April stitch fix arrived yesterday, and while I loved the concepts of the items I only ended up keeping two things this month.  I had decided ahead of time that I was only keeping an item if I loved it since my closet is getting a bit crowded, so a few of the items went back this time because they really didn’t work.

Here’s what I got.

Stitch Fix April

Stitch Fix April

Fate – Elyse Striped Sheer Sleeveless Top $58

Stitch Fix April Stitch Fix April Stitch Fix AprilI really like the colors of this blouse, and it matches well with this lightweight cardigan I already had from Piperlime.  It has a cute zipper in the back but you’ll probably never see it because it didn’t look good on its own.  I decided to keep this piece because I love stripes and the color and think it will look good with jean jackets and cardigans.

Gilli – Nikky Striped Faux Wrap Jersey Dress $58

Stitch Fix April Stitch Fix April Stitch Fix AprilI love the color and pattern of this dress, and even the length was great.  Unfortunately, the fabric was very sheer and you could see my underwear through it.  For a $58 dress I’d like the material to be a little more substantial so this went back.  I loved the colors though and hated to see it go.

Sweet Rain – Dennison Printed Short Sleeve Top $48

Stitch Fix April Stitch Fix April Stitch Fix AprilLoved the pattern and fabrics of this top, but the fit is very unflattering on me.  The way it has the vents near the hips emphasizes my pear shape and I really didn’t like the effect.  This one went back.

Daniel Rainn – Lander Watercolor Floral Print Blouse $68

Stitch Fix April Stitch Fix April Stitch Fix AprilThe print on this blouse is beautiful and I really liked the drape.  It had a vent in the back that looked really cute too.  I had seen this blouse paired with mint jeans on the blog (which I actually happen to own) and was really excited to see it in my fix.  Definite keeper although a bit pricey for a see through blouse.

Fate – Damsel Crochet Knit Open Cardigan $58

Stitch Fix April Stitch Fix AprilStitch Fix AprilBig fat no on this one.  It was long enough to be a lab coat, and I specifically said “no more open cardigans please!” several times.  I don’t know why I just keep getting more cardigans.  I already have more than enough and don’t particularly like the style.  I really hope my next box does not have yet another cardigan.

Overall Impressions

I ended up keeping the blue floral pattern blouse and the orange stripe blouse and sent everything else back.  I lost the discount since I didn’t keep all 5 items, but it wasn’t worth it to keep 3 items that weren’t flattering and I didn’t love.  Even though I only kept 2 items I still really liked this fix and trying it all on was fun.  If you’d like to learn more about Stitch Fix here is my referral link.



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