Golden Tote June Review

June’s Golden Tote arrived yesterday and here’s what I got.

Golden Tote JuneI got the $149 tote and the two items I picked this time were the striped dress and the blue palazzo pants.

Comme Toi Striped Dress

Golden Tote June

Golden Tote June

I had been really excited about this dress because it is knit, the pattern is cute, and it seemed long enough for work.  Unfortunately, the gathering at the waist hits just below my bust (not at all where my waist is) and it looks frumpy and weird.  I was sadly disappointed until my husband came upstairs and said it was cute.  I guess I’ll wear it on the weekend at some point, but I don’t think it really did anything for my figure.  (The belt is mine from Ann Taylor Loft.)

Golden Tote June


Renee C Palazzo Pants

Golden Tote June

Golden Tote June


I had been wanting a pair of pants in this style for a while now, and when I saw them as an option for the June Golden Tote I had to have them.  I ordered the blue color.  Unfortunately I had forgotten that I probably wanted a size Large in these in order to be roomy enough in the thighs/bum and the Medium is a bit on the snug side clinging just a bit too much.  I think I can still pull them off but wish I had done a size bigger.

Golden Tote June


Here I paired them with a chambray shirt, but I think they’d look cute with a black tee and a long necklace.  I’ll probably need platform sandals since they are a bit long.

I also got 4 Surprise Items.

 Fantastic Fawn Blue DressGolden Tote June

I really liked this dress on, maybe even better than the striped one I had picked out, but unfortunately the picture turned out super blurry.

Miss Love Lace Top

Golden Tote June Golden Tote June

This picture doesn’t do the top justice, it’s actually really cute on.  I paired it with the next surprise item:

Priddy Black Pants

Golden Tote June

These are stretchy knit pants and are SOOO comfortable.  They might not be super flattering, but I don’t care because I want to live in them now.

Golden Tote June

For this picture, I paired them with the next surprise item:

Porridge Blue Print Top

Golden Tote JuneAnd this is the item I won’t bee keeping.  On me this was way to open at the top and it bloused out and was not flattering.

Winner of the June Giveaway

Congratulations to the winner of the June Giveaway, Sara E. from Indiana.

I’ll be sending out the top this weekend, so watch your mailbox.  🙂

Golden Tote June
Giveaway Item



9 thoughts on “Golden Tote June Review

  1. I love that lace top they sent you! Super cute. I’ve been doing stitch fix for a while and have seen a couple of your golden totes. Seems interesting and fun. Is it a monthly thing or whenever you want?

    1. With Golden Tote you can either pick one item for $49 and they will send you a couple of surprise items, or pick 2 items for $149 and they send you ~4 surprise items. Each month the selection varies so depending on if I see things I like I’ll decide if I want to do it for that month. Golden Tote is an all or nothing service though, so if there are things you don’t like you can’t send just some of it back. The stuff is very similar to what you’d see at Anthropologie so it can be a good deal.

  2. I didn’t get a tote this month but seeing it all on you makes me feel like I made a mistake. Everything looks really good and the striped dress looks great on you with the belt 🙂

  3. Thank you for posting your pics! It’s nice to see what the clothes look like in real-life. And they all look great on you. 🙂

  4. Oh my gosh, so thankful to have found this blog. We have very similar shapes and I felt like the striped dress makes me look pregnant! I was so bummed to see that the waist is just under the bust because it did NOT look like that in the pics of the model wearing it. I wore mine with a skinny belt and felt pregnant all day, but it looks adorable with a thicker belt, so I will try that next time. Or just keep it in case I ever get pregnant! LOL!

    Thanks for the tip on the palazzo pants. I didn’t order those, but have been wishing I had. If I do, I will definitely get large so they hang away from my hips more.

    I got the slouchy pants in the print and I feel like they are so unflattering. I agree that they are super comfy, though. Any tips on styling them for a pear-shape? Something about the print mixed with the pleats at the hips and pockets is just not becoming on me. Maybe I will trade them.

    1. I wore the striped dress yesterday and still really didn’t care for it. I wore the wide belt and a jean jacket over it which helped disguise the odd placement of the gathering, but it still looked strange and unflattering. I agree that it didn’t at all look like that on the model.

      As far as the slouchy pants, I haven’t worn them out in public yet, but I was thinking of trying them with a drapey tee and a moto style jacket to help balance my proportions. I’ll post a picture if I find a combination that works. 🙂

  5. I got the Miss Love tank and the priddy pants also and love them together. I found that my Priddy by Puella Chevron Midi dress also didn’t look like the model’s version. I wonder if they make those Priddy items on such a tight schedule that there’s not a lot of quality control. I still liked my chevron dress a lot; it just wasn’t what was advertised.

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