Stitch Fix July Review

My July Stitch Fix came Friday and I was pretty pleased.

Stitch Fix July Review
The Goods

Once again, I’m seeing mostly blue and some black and white but with a pop of green.  Where are the colors??

Gorjana – Corinna Delicate Bar Necklace $60

Stitch Fix July Review
Delicate gold necklace

I tried this necklace on and fell in love before I looked at the price.  When I saw it was $60 I was a little shocked and thought about returning it for that reason, but I felt that it was a very classic piece that could be worn with many outfits and decided to keep it.

Mystree – Silvia Mixed Material Knit Shirt $28

Stitch Fix July ReviewStitch Fix July Review

Stitch Fix July ReviewThis was a uniquely patterned top and despite the fact that it was black and white (and I had said no black and no blue on my profile) I like the pattern and cut, plus the price was right on this one, so I am keeping it.

Tart – Daryn Batik Print Jersey Knit Top $74

Stitch Fix July ReviewStitch Fix July Review

What you’re not seeing is that it has a super deep v-back.

Stitch Fix July Review

The pattern and cut in the front are cute, but the super deep v in the back (why??) and the built in bra made me definitely want to return it.  Why would you have a nice modest cut in the front then dip so low in the back?  Plus the price was pretty ridiculous for a knit top.  Going back.

Pomelo – Brentwood Space Dye Tiered Tank $58

Stitch Fix July ReviewStitch Fix July Review

Stitch Fix July Review
Another tank

This top is a gorgeous color and an interesting cut.  I wasn’t sure how it would look on my pear shaped body, but it seems to accentuate my waist rather than emphasize the hips which I was worried about.  I think it will be super cute under a cropped jacket.  Because of the color and unique cut, I’m keeping this one.

LA MADE – Felix Sleeveless Fitted Maxi Dress  $88

Stitch Fix July Review

Stitch Fix July Review
Cute on the hanger…
Stitch Fix July Review

This dress is obscenely clingy and made me look like I had a really weird gut.  You could even see the outline of my belly button.  Very awful.  Going back right away.

Overall Impressions

I see that my stylist did not look at my comments at all this time.  I had asked for a lightweight summer jacket, maybe some bottoms, no more tank tops, and had specifically said no black or blue.  I’m hoping that she reads the comments for August, but won’t hold my breath.  Despite that, I ended up with two cute tops and a necklace that I like, so overall I’m pretty pleased.  I still adore Stitch Fix despite the last few misses.


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