Kimono tops

I’ve noticed that Kimono tops seem to be the latest trend.  I had gotten a few from Golden Tote as chosen options, and one as a surprise item.  Then when I was in London earlier this month I kept seeing them in stores and a lot of the girls around the city were wearing them.  I love how easy they are to throw on over a tank or tee, and in the winter I plan to wear them with a long sleeve tee underneath to stay warm.  Here are the two I got from Golden Tote and how I wore them to work.

Kimono top

With this one I went with more of a zen vibe and wore my Tibetan prayer mala necklace and a turquoise ring.  It was a warm day so I was okay with just a tank underneath.

red kimonoThen with the red one I decided to wear a slouchy navy tee underneath, along with my boyfriend jeans and a necklace and some earrings I had made from a “For the Makers” box.  In the air conditioning I was cold so in the future I’ll probably wear long sleeves with this one unless I can be outside or in the sun.


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