September Golden Tote Review

My September Golden Tote has arrived, and the packaging was a little different.  This time, none of the items were in bags, but were instead held together with a stretchy headband (similar to what Stitch Fix does)

Golden Tote Review SeptemberThe two items I had picked were on the bottom so I’ll start with those.

Chic Front Pocket Jacket in Peach

Golden Tote September Review

Golden Tote September Review

I attempted to style this similar to what they did on the card.  I didn’t have a necklace like on the card but I’m sure I can dig up something similar.  I just got these metallic pink ballet flats from Amazon and thought they worked with the outfit.  The jacket is soft and comfortable so I imagine I’ll be able to wear it a lot.

Plaid Button Down Shirt in Red

Golden Tote September Review

Golden Tote September Review

For some reason I was expecting this one to be flannel (didn’t read the description) but it’s actually just a cotton plaid shirt.  I like the roll sleeves and it’s got a nice slim cut to it.  I’ve seen some ideas for how to wear it on pinterest (black jeans, jean jacket) so I’ll be sure to wear it soon.

Then here are my four surprise items.

 Hem & Thread Dolman Top

Golden Tote September ReviewGolden Tote September Review

This was probably my least favorite surprise item.  The top is pretty short and rides up when you move, but it’s very comfortable and the colors are interesting.  I’ll wear it on a weekend sometime and see how comfortable it is.

 Skies are Blue Lace Top

Golden Tote September ReviewGolden Tote September Review

This was totally something you’d find at Anthropologie with a big price tag.  I like the lace front and roll sleeves.  Easy piece to layer with.

 Le Lis Mixed Media Sweatshirt

Golden Tote September ReviewGolden Tote September Review

The front of the sweatshirt is super soft and it’s very cozy.  The only thing I don’t like about it is how wide the neck is.  If I’m wearing something warm like this, I don’t want a wide open neck to make me feel cold.  I saw ideas on the blog to wear this with a chambray shirt underneath, so I may do that to stay warm.

Priddy Knit Pants with Faux Leather Waistband

Golden Tote September Review

Golden Tote September Review

Again, these are super cozy and comfortable, but styling them will be a challenge.  The  blog suggested a tank and cardigan or a tank and high heels.  I’m not sure I can make them look dressy, but I’ll see what I can make work because they are sooo comfortable.

Overall Impressions

I was pretty happy with almost every item in this tote.  I got a bunch of great fall pieces and fashionable items that I would not have picked for myself.  I was a bit disappointed I didn’t get the plaid tee that some people were getting as a surprise item, but what I got was pretty good too.  I think Golden Tote is a great value for $149.


1 thought on “September Golden Tote Review

  1. All those pieces look great! Golden Tote is great! The sweatshirt is my favorite of the surprise items. Have you seen some of the spoilers for the October Golden Tote? I’m super excited for it!

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