A Week of Golden Tote Items

Last week I went through all of my Golden Tote items except the flannel shirt which I plan to wear when my new black flats when they arrive on Tuesday.

Peach Jacket

golden tote jacket

I paired the jacket with straight leg jeans, taupe heels, a grey tee, and a statement necklace.  It is a nice soft jacket and gave me extra warmth in the office.

Mixed Media Sweatshirt

Mixed Media Sweatshirt Golden ToteFor the sweatshirt, I copied what I had seen on a blog where someone wore it over a chambray shirt with black jeans and boots.  I pulled out my cute polka dot rain boots from Kate Spade to add a little extra interest.

Embroidered Top

Embroidered Top Golden Tote

For work I always need layers, so I added this grey jacket from Loft, and paired it with these cute Keds sneakers from Kate Spade.

Priddy Knit Pants

Priddy Knit Pants Golden Tote

Here I was trying to go for the dressy/sporty look they had shown on the blog, but I may have missed the mark.  I look more sloppy than sporty.  These pants are super comfortable though!


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