Stitch Fix October – Everything goes back

I was really excited for my October stitch fix since they had a featured blog post about the color mustard which is my all-time favorite color to wear.  I had requested a mustard piece, a pair of colored pants, and a delicate silver necklace.  (Also, I have reiterated time and time again, no more tank tops.)

Here’s what I got.

Stitch Fix October 2014
Nice fall colors

I see the lovely pop of mustard, with some stripes, ad leopard print and a eggplant color.  So far I’m really loving the colors.

LA MADE – Kai Elbow Patch Striped Knit Shirt $48 + Mavi Gold – Nigel Tall Length Skinny Jean $138

Stitch Fix October 2014
A bit see-through
Stitch Fix October 2014
These are actually olive color

Stitch Fix October 2014

Stitch Fix October 2014

Stitch Fix October 2014The pants are so tight I’d categorize them as leggings.  They were very ummm… inappropriate in the front region and I would have to wear a tunic length top to wear them out in public.  The color was nice, and they technically fit, but I don’t really like skin tight pants and it was not a flattering look.

The top was a cute fit and I liked the curved hem, but the fabric was itchy and it was very sheer and see through.  Both went back.

Eclair – Cailin Leopard Print Sleeveless Blouse  $54

Stitch Fix October 2014
Gee, another tank

Stitch Fix October 2014Stitch Fix October 2014

The colors were nice on this tank, but the fact that it is a tank is a point against it because I have a closet full of them that I don’t wear.  Also the fabric was not soft and un-breathable.  Definitely going back.

Three Dots – Aleisha Fit and Flare Dress  $88

Stitch Fix October 2014

Stitch Fix October 2014

Stitch Fix October 2014

I had a hard time deciding about this one.  On one hand, I loved the color and the soft knit.  On the other hand, it had a lining that was super tight and clung to all my curves in a non-flattering way, which then made the top layer that was supposed to “flare” also cling.  It had a very unfortunate effect and had it actually fit and flared, I think I might have kept it.  For $88 I decided a knit dress that made me feel uncomfortable wasn’t worth it.  When I was walking around, the lining layer kept riding up and I could tell this would be something very fussy to wear requiring constant readjusting.  Went back.

41Hawthorn – Carson Front-Twist Sleeveless Blouse  $58

Stitch Fix October 2014Stitch Fix October 2014

Stitch Fix October 2014
The award for worst item goes to…

And I saved the worst for last.  This was the lovely mustard color I spotted and man was I disappointed.  This item could have been almost anything else in this color and I probably would have kept it.  But this?  Awful.  I’m not sure who this would look good on, maybe a woman with a larger bust and smaller hips?  But it was definitely not made for a pear shape and makes me look 10x bigger on bottom and even smaller on top.  Plus there is really no way to layer with this top.  So sad to send back a mustard item when they finally sent one.  But really?  This for a pear shape who said no tanks?  Sigh.

Overall Impression

I think I may finally be getting over my Stitch Fix obsession and actually cancelled my November Fix.  I’ll still do one in December, but I haven’t been pleased with very many items they’ve been sending lately and feel I can do much better on my own by picking out things I like at other stores.  Even Golden Tote has been a better bet for me lately.  The surprise items there always seem to work for me and it isn’t really personalized at all.  I think I’m expecting the stylists to pay more attention to what I’ve asked for and what I didn’t like, but I don’t think they have time to actually make it all that personalized at Stitch Fix.  I didn’t even mention the fact that this fix was a week late and they lost the package for a while.  I had to contact customer service 3 times in order to resolve it.  So for November I’ll be skipping Stitch Fix, but maybe I’ll try again in December.


One of the stylists over at Stitch Fix (Michelle) got a hold of me after the previous stylist (Carrie) had read my feedback on this fix and offered to waive the $20 styling fee if I was willing to give it another shot.  I agreed to keep my November date and sent her a pretty detailed message about my body type, style preferences, and color preferences.  She has volunteered to style my next fix since we now have an open channel of dialog.  I hope the November fix works out much better, and it will be no risk since they offered to waive the $20 styling fee.  Fingers crossed.

5 thoughts on “Stitch Fix October – Everything goes back

  1. Michelle did my fix too! (Assuming there’s only one Michelle lol) I really felt like she paid attention to my Pinterest board and stylist notes and although I didn’t love every piece, everything was something I could imagine myself wearing. I requested her again. Hope you November fix is better!

  2. Just wanted to thank you for this blog–I was on the fence about Stitch Fix, and you have cured me. 🙂 I think I can do better on my own, but the idea–and your blog–have inspired me to work a little harder at my style. Thanks!

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