Boden Fall Dress Picks

I ordered a few more fall dresses from Boden and was very pleased with two of them.

Hartland Dress

Boden Hartland Dress
Squirrel Print!!

This one was my favorite.  When I saw that they were making a corduroy dress in a squirrel print, I knew I had to have it!  The fit is quite flattering and the print is adorable.  The only thing I don’t love about it is again, the bodice.  If I slouch even a tiny bit, it poofs out in the front and looks like the bodice is too big on me.  If I stand up straight it is nice and fitted, but I am a total sloucher so I know during the day the dress is going to look funny on me.  Despite this, I am keeping the dress and plan to wear it with grey tights and these boots.

Boden Hartland Dress – $118 without a sale


Boden Highgate Dress

Boden Highgate Dress
Blue Steel Beads

I ended up getting this in the long length, but I don’t know if I actually needed it in long.  I’m happy with the fit overall and will keep it with this longer length.  The color is very pretty in person and I’m thinking I should pair it with a bright statement necklace.  I had planned to wear it with black tights when the weather forces me to wear tights.

Boden Highgate Dress – $148 without sale


Ponte Skater Dress (Second attempt)

Boden Ponte Skater Dress
Plum Color

I had previously ordered this dress in a 6L in the green color which was too big in the bodice and the darts stuck out funny so I decided to try a 4L in the plum color since that’s what was in stock.  Unfortunately the dart problem was solved, but I felt like I couldn’t breathe.  For this reason (a pretty good one) the dress is going back.  I still really love the fabric and cut of this dress but wish the 6L had worked out.

Boden Ponte Skater Dress – $118 on sale right now

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