Falling for Boden plus work outfits

I wore my patterned sweater and squirrel dress last week.  I am completely enamored with Boden and love both pieces.

Boden patterned sweater

I paired the Boden pattern sweater with a short sleeve white button up, red jeans I got from stitch fix, and some black boots.  I liked the way the white collar shirt contrasted underneath.  Boden is having a sale right now for 25% off everything, and I highly recommend this sweater.  It’s so soft and no wool!

Boden Hartland Dress

I was stopped by a stranger in Charming Charlies who told me she loved my dress and thought it was vintage.  The Hartland Dress from Boden is made from a corduroy fabric that is so soft and I love the pattern.

Leather Jacket Golden Tote
I feel like a bad a$$!

I got this jacket in my October Golden Tote and I love the feel of it and all of the details.  The faux leather is soft and it has a cute buckle at the neck.  I also like that it has a hood.  It’s currently available in the November $149 tote and also the boutique for $75.

Professional Look

Finally, I had to give part of a keynote speech last week and decided to dress a little more professionally for work.  I got the skirt at Ann Taylor Loft, and was happy with the fit and comfort.  It’s nice and stretchy and didn’t feel restraining like some pencil skirts do.  I paired it with an older cardigan from banana republic and a black and white blouse.

5 thoughts on “Falling for Boden plus work outfits

  1. Those red jeans are adorable! I love how you styled the Moto jacket- makes me want to try harder with mine! Thanks for your post. 🙂

  2. Hi! Love the pair of brown booties you paired with the Hartland dress. Where did you get these? I’m looking for booties that are quite fitted in the ankle. Thanks! Love the reviews on the Boden items btw! 🙂

  3. Absolutely adore your sweater! I know this post was a in 2014, but if you are interested in selling the sweater, please let me know 🙂

  4. I’ve just come across your blog and love your style! I really adore your guard sweater and must have it! If you’re interested in selling it, please give me a hoy.

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