Farewell to Stitch Fix

Dear Stitch Fix,

I’ve decided it’s time to part ways.  It’s not me, it’s you.  Why do you ignore my requests and send me items that do not fit any of my style profile requirements?  First it was tanks, tanks, and more tanks.  Sometimes it was weird miss America style tops.  For a while it was drapey cardigans.  It’s been a good run (this was fix #20) but I just can’t do this anymore.  I’ve realized I can do better on my own now, so it’s best if we part ways.

Here’s what I got in my final fix.

Stitch Fix Review November 2014

Colors are not bad, but what is that thing on the right?  We shall soon find out.

Three Dots – Dante Striped Boat Neck Knit Top  $88

Stitch Fix Review November 2014 Stitch Fix Review November 2014

This top was the least offensive of the bunch.  Unfortunately it had a curved hem at the bottom that was asymetrical and was shorter in the back.  It wasn’t flattering and the neckline was really wide which I didn’t like.  For $88 I would expect better qualityand something much more unique.

Ellison – Davis Leopard Print Button-Up-Cardigan  $68

stitch fix last 036 Stitch Fix Review November 2014Being super long like this, I figured maybe I could wear it with leggings, but I couldn’t even button up the last few buttons over my hips and it was extremely unflattering.  Definite no for my body.  I could have tried to just wear it open, but the fabric was itchy and not at all comfortable so this was not a keeper.

Laila Jayde – Mallorie Henley Thermal Top  $68

Stitch Fix Review November 2014

Stitch Fix Review November 2014Call me crazy, but if you wanted to wear a thermal top, wouldn’t you want a little more of your top half actually covered??  This was so low cut that if I didn’t have a tank top on it would be showing my bra.  I explicitly stated that I want to be covered up top so why this was a pick for me, I’m not sure.  I’ve never kept a top that had a big gaping neckline.  Also $68 for a thin thermal top you could get at old navy for $10 seemed stupid.  And the one at Old Navy actually covers you!

Level 99 – Patrick Chino Pant  $108

Stitch Fix Review November 2014

Stitch Fix Review November 2014
Mind the gap!

Stitch Fix Review November 2014

These do not say “crop” anywhere in the description, but they are about 3-4 inches too short if they were meant to be regular length pants.  They hit at a  very unflattering place about 2 inches above my ankle and make me look like I have fat ankles.  Either way, I have no desire for cropped pants in November.  Plus they gaped in the waist band horribly.  (I mentioned I needed pants with curvy fit for pear shaped people.)

Olive & Oak – Wallace Plaid Open Cardigan  $54

Stitch Fix Review November 2014

Stitch Fix Review November 2014


This looks like it belongs on either Hillary Clinton or a couch.  My husband said “couch” when he saw it.  I don’t what this hideous monstrosity is or why they would have selected it for me, but it doesn’t fit my style in any way.  I wondered what one would pair with such an odd article and apparently they didn’t really know either:

Stitch Fix Review November 2014So either a grey T that would be completely covered and seems way too casual, or a black cocktail dress.  Because nothing pairs with a cocktail dress like a couch sweater coat.


This fix did not redeem itself and I have decided that I’m better off picking out things on my own from my favorite stores where I will generally like the style and know what fits.  I went ahead and cancelled my Stitch Fix subscription even though I still had a $25 credit.  It just wasn’t worth the hassle of trying everything on then needing to head to the post office to send everything back within 3 days.  It was a nice run and I had 20 fixes in total, but I think something happened where they lost track of what I was interested in and just couldn’t match my style or preferences anymore.  It is with sadness that I bid stitch fix adieu.  😥




9 thoughts on “Farewell to Stitch Fix

  1. Hey, I had the same experience with Stitch Fix! I don’t think they looked at my profile at all. I specifically said that I don’t like skinny jeans and that I like my dresses to go at least to me knee, and what do they send me? Skinny jeans and short dresses! No thanks.

  2. As a reader, I have to say that I like the items you choose for yourself far better than the Stitch Fix pieces. I loved your last roundup of Boden outfits- very cute! I love plaid, but that long cardigan is so dowdy! And I can’t believe they would ask $88 for a simple striped Breton? I have a few from Boden that I love and I think they were all under $35 with promo codes and sales. I have been tempted by Stitch Fix but have never tried it- I think because I aways have a running wish list of items I’ve chosen for myself and am too much of a bargain hunter.:)

    1. I consider myself a bargain hunter too, and I’ve gotten used to finding such great deals on things that I can’t imagine paying $88 for a knit top that’s just okay. I think a big part of my issue with Stitch Fix was the super high prices. If you purchase the whole box for 25% off it’s more reasonable, but when they are sending you couch sweaters, tanks you didn’t want, and skinny jeans you don’t want, it’s very rare to keep all 5 items in the box.

  3. I wanted to love stitch fix, however I felt like every box was random. They did not look at my profile or read my comments when I returned boxes. I was super specific and thought I gave really good feedback. It was disappointing, oh well saves me money for other subscription boxes 🙂

  4. I’m only on fix 5 but the first couple were just okay. I wanted fabulous fixes not just ok ones. I googled stitch fix reviews and found that the stylist named Ishara picked amazing things for her people. I requested her and after the 3rd fix with her im super happy!

  5. I agree. The first fix I got I was pretty happy with, BUT on this last one, I specifically asked for items in mustard and teal colors, and guess what?? Absolutely none in my fix! Wow — I even did the “research” for you, and just told you what I wanted, and I STILL didn’t get it. No thanks. What I did get was many 1980s Cosby-Show style sweaters, frumpy and bumpy all the way around. Again, no thanks. Oh, Stitch Fix, you could’ve been such a great thing. I’m thinking they just started hiring any ole person, instead of those with an actual inclination of styling or training specific to clothes. Guess there really is no real replacement for hauling myself to the store!

  6. This was a super helpful post! I am the epitome of a pear and it’s next to impossible to find pants that fit properly and nice shirts long enough (I’m 5’9″) but not too long in the arms, etc. Even if I go to a seamstress, they say it’s challenging to alter pants to fit. Appreciate your blog and this review of stitch fix. I was considering but skeptical, so this review was very helpful.

  7. Your review is dead funny-really enjoyed it. Can’t believe the prices on some of those piecesand they looked like the reject rack at TJMaxx.

  8. I pin items from the StitchFix blog and almost always get at least 1, and they usually tell me it’s an inventory thing if it’s not available. Oh and I never have to go to the post office, I just put my returns in the bag and set them in my mailbox with the flag up and the mailman takes them easy peasy. Different strokes for different folks 🙂

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