Stitch Fix January 2016 – Uninspiring

It’s been a while since my last fix, and I had been seeing some really cute sweaters in other peoples boxes, so I decided to give it a try one more time.

Here’s what I requested:

Stitch Fix January 2016

Here’s what I got:

Stitch Fix January 2016

Mak – Jaclynn 3/4 sleeve button up cardigan $38


Stitch Fix January 2016

I didn’t get a good picture of this on.  It’s just a basic black 3/4 sleeve cardigan in a super lightweight material that you’d wear in the middle of August.  It was not even remotely appropriate for January in the Pacific Northwest.  Returned.

Absolutely – Bary Boat Neck Pullover Sweater $58

Stitch Fix January 2016

Stitch Fix January 2016

Personally I find the colors on this very ugly and the sweater was itchy and uncomfortable.  Not to mention, also very lightweight and appropriate for a 65 degree day in June.  Returned.

RD Style – Gemmi Side Slit Pullover Sweater $78

Stitch Fix January 2016

Stitch Fix January 2016

This sweater was open on both sides all the way up to the armpit, not to mention it is a high-lo fit which I specifically called out I do not like.  Very unflattering and feels cold not cozy with open sides.  Returned.

41Hawthorn – Benton Cowl Neck Sweater $78

Stitch Fix January 2016

Stitch Fix January 2016

The sleeves were incrediby long on this (I ended up rolling them up) and there were two side cutouts that frame my “problem area” in my upper thighs.  It’s like an announcement, “here are my saddle bags!!”  Again, unflattering for my body type.  It was a very soft and cozy fabric and for that reason I debated keeping it until I saw the price.  $78 for a so-so sweater is way too much.  Returned.

41Hawthorn – Gideon Polka Dot Sweater $68

Stitch Fix January 2016

Stitch Fix January 2016

I do love polka dots, but wasn’t thrilled with the color of this.  Off white washes me out.  The fit was okay with baggy sleeves and it looked cute under a military style jacket as the card suggested.  I decided to keep only because I didn’t want to lose out on the $20 styling fee and this was just okay.  Reluctantly Kept.


I won’t be going back to Stitch Fix anytime soon.  I had posted a bunch of cute cozy sweaters in COLORS on my Pinterest page and once again I got dull grey and black and 2 items that were not suitable for the pacific northwest winter.  I don’t know how other people get good items from stitch fix, but I seem to be rather unlucky with what they send me.

4 thoughts on “Stitch Fix January 2016 – Uninspiring

  1. Thanks for your post. I just got my January fix. I am trying to decide if I’ll post anything from it it was also disappointing. They seem to be “listening” less and less to what we ask for.

  2. Aww, that was a pretty meh fix! I mean, when it’s sweater weather, everyone *obviously* wants a nice frosty breeze up their armpits, right?
    There is a Stitch Fix buy/sell/trade group on FB (probably several) – when I have a fix where I don’t really like anything, I just sell something there so I’m not out the fee.

  3. I just signed up and now I am reading all these horrible reviews. Now I am worried about what I am getting in my first box.

  4. I have had the same problem with Stitch Fix and I saw someone post a link to a place called Trunk Club. No styling fee. I signed up. The stylist called me and we talked on the phone about my likes and dislikes. Free shipping both ways and NO styling fee. How could you go wrong? Also, they send you an email before you stuff ships so that you can delete items that you absolutely don’t like so there is a better chance you will like your items. I am pretty excited about it. Check it out!

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