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Paper Pumpkin January review

This month’s paper pumpkin arrived and I think it was my favorite so far.  This month, they sent a bunch of supplies to make Valentines but it was much more of a “use your own creativity” project than the last ones hand been because you could mix and match any of the supplies to create some different cards.

paper pumpkin

The supplies:paper pumpkin

The suggestions:

paper pumpkin

I ended up spending about 45 minutes working on these, because I was playing around with the different stickers and stamps to see what could be done.  I really enjoyed this months project.

Here are the finished cards:

makers jan 029 paper pumpkin

For The Makers – December Review

I got my first “For the Makers” kit this month and absolutely loved the projects!  The degree of difficulty varied between projects, but it kept me occupied during my time off and I had a ton of fun with the glitter.

Here’s what was included:

For the Makers

For the Makers

For the MakersThere were 4 projects total and here they are in the order I made them.

Chain necklace

For the MakersThis was by far the most difficult of the projects, and the most fun!  The chain was super heavy duty and none my jewelry tools would cut it.  I had to borrow a cutting tool from my husband’s tool kit and even with that I needed to wriggle the tool back and forth for some time in order to get the link apart enough to slide the other two sides off.  Later I even tried bolt cutters which  STILL didn’t cut through that chain!  It is seriously hard core.  I followed the tutorial online using my Surface so I could work at the kitchen table and finished the project in one night.  I really love the finished project and have already worn it twice.

Sparkly earrings

For the MakersThese were the simplest project of the bunch.  All you do is fill the center of these posts with glue, then dip them in the container of glitter, and voila!  Sparkly earrings.

Sparkly Votive holders

For the MakersThese were also relatively easy.  The instructions guided you through the one on the right, but I decided to try the one on the left using scotch tape to make the glitter stripes.  Fun and easy and I like the way they look on our sideboard.

Sequined Monogram

For the MakersThis one was also a bit challenging.  I found a “K” stencil online and traced it using tailors chalk on this velour hoodie I had then proceeded to fill it in with the sequins, beads, and rhinestones.  I ran out of the beads long before I was done and had to fill in the rest of the space creatively with rhinestones.  It took a good part of the afternoon to finish this one.

Overall Impressions

Overall, I really liked this kit.  It had projects of varying degrees of difficulty and it was nice to make things I wouldn’t normally do on my own.  So far I really like this subscription service and can’t wait to get my January kit!

More about For the Makers here.

Paper Pumpkin December Review

My first actual Paper Pumpkin box has arrived and it took a little longer than the trial kit to complete.  Here’s what was included:

paper pumpkin

paper pumpkinI was surprised to see it came with another acrylic block.  I’m guessing that after this they will just send the stamps since these can be reused.

paper pumpkinThe project was super simple and took maybe 20 minutes to complete.  I liked that they banners and green circles were actual stickers which made them easy to apply.  The ink blot stamp was interesting too and gave it a cool effect.  These seem like they might make a good gift to give someone.


Adventures in Candlemaking

Over Thanksgiving, I began learning how to make candles with the intention of making them as gifts for the women in my family at Christmas.  I was using a soy/parrafin wax blend and some 8oz hexagon jars with silver screw on lids.  I purchased 3 wintery fragrance oils from Brambleberry, one of my favorite soap making supply sites.  The first scent was called “Fresh Snow” and gave off a somewhat soapy or Downy fabric softener smell so I decided to use light blue dye for those ones.

The second scent was “Santa’s Spruce” which was supposed to be Christmas Tree scented, but had a hint of berry and was making me feel ill when the whole house was filled with the smell.  The third scent was another Christmas Tree scent that I liked a little better but was also overwhelming when my whole house was filled with it.  I used a bayberry dye chip for each of those.

The thing that gave me the most trouble was sink holes next to the wick.  The first two turned out perfectly, then the next few batches all had this problem.  I first tried to re-melt them in a pot of water on the stove, but when they cooled I had the same issue.  Then I re-heated some of the extra wax and poured it in the giant space left next to the wick, and that worked okay.

After doing some research online, I realized that the problem was likely how high I was pouring the wax.  The suggestion was to not pour past the point where the shape of the jar changes.  For the last four I made, this solved the problem.  I wish I had discovered that earlier in the process, because re-melting and re-pouring everything was a pain and took way more time that it should have.

In the end, I think they turned out pretty well.  (I purchased custom labels online and used a photo that I had taken.)  I hope everyone enjoys them!

Homemade Candles

Paper Pumpkin Introductory Box

I had recently been searching for gift subscriptions to see what other box subscriptions were out there, and stumbled upon this stamping subscription called Paper Pumpkin.  I wasn’t sure if I’d like the projects since I’ve already been into stamping and have tons of supplies already, but thought I’d give it a try since I haven’t had many inspirations lately for projects.

Here was my experience with the trial kit.

paper pumpkinIt arrives nicely packaged with a cute little card.  I opened it up and these were the contents:

paper pumpkin1 Ink pad,  butterfly stickers, bakers twine, a stamping block, a pre-made journal, two stamps. instruction card.

I have never used a stamping block like this before and was a bit confused.  The instructions weren’t very detailed or clear, so I went to YouTube and watched a quick tutorial on how to use the block and how to attach the label when done.

The steps were basic and extremely simple, and I finished the whole project in under 5 minutes, not counting the time it took me to figure out the stamping block.

paper pumpkin

Overall, it was nice to have a project with all the supplies, but it really only took 5 minutes of my time and did not seem worth it.  The instructions were very light and I felt they could have given more tips.  In the picture the butterflies were lifting off of the cover, but I couldn’t get them to stay that way and just stuck them on flat.

You can purchase the trial kit here:

I’m considering signing up for the subscription with the hope that the later projects will be a little more involved but I’m not sure.  Does anybody have experience with them or have a recommendation?  I found this code for 50% off for the first two months, so I think I’ll give it a try: NovHouseParty.

You can visit their site for more information if you’re interested:

Winter Jewelry

With some extra time on my hands this holiday weekend, I made another pair of earrings and a bracelet.  Both turned out pretty well with minor modifications needed to the bracelet.

Snowflake Earrings


Laurel Bracelet

Lotus BraceletFor the bracelet, the finished size was supposed to be 7.5 inches, but mine was closer to 8.  It was way too big for my wrist, so I re-did each side removing 7 beads in the process.  After that the size was just right.