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June Stitch Fix Review

My June Stitch Fix has arrived, and sadly most of it did not work out this time.

June Stitch Fix
Some colors!

I was excited to see a bright salmon colored item, some yellow (hurray!!) and a green and blue patterned item.  Not too exited about the grey.

Bay to Baules – Serratoga Double Layer Leaf Necklace  $32

June Stitch Fix
Gold Leaf Necklace

It was a pretty enough necklace and the price was fine, but the two layers kept getting twisted together and I knew it would constantly be annoying me.

Verdict – Sent back.

Tart – Baylie Abstract Print Fitted Dress  $128

June Stitch Fix
Dress or tunic?

When I first pulled this one out of the box, it was so short I wasn’t sure if it was a tunic top or a dress.  Turns out it was a very short dress.

June Stitch Fix

June Stitch Fix
Not for me

Not only was it way too short on me, but there was a deep v in the back and I was super uncomfortable in it.  It did nothing for my figure whatsoever.  Also $128 for a knit dress that was poorly made and had a hole in the back just seemed ridiculous.

Verdict – Going back, quickly!

Pomelo – Downing Striped Knit Shirt  $44

June Stitch Fix
Yellow at last!

June Stitch Fix

June Stitch Fix

I had been asking for a yellow item since my very first fix (15 fixes ago now) and this is the first yellow item.  I was excited for the color, and the fit was cute, but for some reason there were these little nubs in the fabric (hard to explain) that made it really itchy.  I would only want to wear this on the weekends as a casual top but the fabric would make me pass it up in the closet.  So unfortunately this cute little top is also going back.

Verdict – sadly, going back

41Hawthorn – Linda Cross Front Knit Top  $54

Now if you notice, so far everything is going back.  But this was by far the worst offender.

June Stitch Fix

Look a little familiar?  In a previous fix I got a tank very similar to this that I called the Miss America reject:

ms america top
Ms. America reject

It might not be quite as bad, but it’s bad.

June Stitch Fix

It boldly highlights every lump and bump and gives me an odd “pregnant with an alien baby” look.

Verdict – please remove this from my body and my sight.

Tart – Juliano Chevron Print Twist Shoulder Cowl Neck Top  $88

June Stitch Fix
Looks promising…

June Stitch Fix

June Stitch Fix

At last, something I might consider keeping.  But $88???  It seemed really high for just one stretchy knit top.  The cowl neck was really fussy, and I was right about to just return everything and take the $20 styling fee loss on this one until I tried it on with a white linen blazer.  Suddenly I could see myself wearing this to a presentation at work and it seemed like it might be worth the extra $68 to keep it.

Verdict – reluctantly keep

Overall Impression

Well, this wasn’t the best fix I have gotten.  The dress was completely wrong for my body, the tank was a disaster, and the yellow tee while a good try was just not comfortable enough.  So I ended up keeping one top for a total of $88 which eats into my clothing budget for a month with only one item to show.  Since this seemed to be an outlier, I decided to give it one more go in June and scheduled my next fix for 3 weeks out.  My fingers are crossed that I get at least 2 pieces I like in the next one.  I requested a nice summer weight outer layer like a jacket or blazer, and maybe some bottoms if they have curvy style.  We’ll see what happens with a second June box.


March Stitch Fix Review

My March Stitch Fix has arrived a few days early and I am quite pleased.  It seems they have switched to USPS for shipping instead of FedEx so I was able to get my fix on a Saturday.  I eagerly opened the box hoping for color, and sure enough, there is color!

Stitch Fix March

C.Luce – Carmela Multi Stripe Sleeveless Blouse $58

Stitch Fix MarchStitch Fix MarchI love the idea of pairing it with a jean jacket and mint skinny jeans, because I actually have those two items and I think it will look very retro!  What an 80’s throwback.  Verdict: Keep.

Stitch Fix March

Renee C – Ashford Striped Cross-Front Knit Shirt $48

Stitch Fix MarchStitch Fix MarchStitch Fix MarchI recently bought a few tanks in a nice nude color and I think those would go better underneath this, but overall I like it.  It’s very similar to a different top I got that had faux leather patches in the shoulders and had the wrap drape like this, but it’s enough different that I’m willing to keep it.  Plus the price is pretty good.  Verdict: Keep.

RD Style – Galvin Airy Knit Heathered Sweater $58

Stitch Fix MarchStitch Fix MarchThis one by itself is a little too bare up top with it’s super wide neck, but I love the chunky soft knit and thought it might look cute with a maxi skirt.  How’s this?Stitch Fix MarchI’m not sure about this look, but it was also cute with a chambray shirt underneath so I think there will be multiple ways to wear this.  Verdict: Keep.

Loveappella – Baltimore Chevron Striped Knit Shirt $48

Stitch Fix MarchStitch Fix MarchI love the colors of this shirt and it is a nice soft drapey knit.  I think it would look cute with a bright colored skirt too, I’ll have to see what I can dig up.  Verdict: Keep.

Stitch Fix March

41Hawthorn – Renesme Graphic Print Faux Wrap Dress $78

Stitch Fix MarchStitch Fix MarchI think this was  my favorite piece in this fix, and I absolutely love this dress!  I love the pattern, the colors, the fit, and the length.  Perfect!!

Stitch Fix MarchVerdict:  Keep for sure.  The only thing I didn’t care for was the name.  Now I keep picturing this when I see the dress.  (shudder)renesme

Overall Impressions

This was a really good fix.  I loved the patterns, colors, and fabrics so I kept the whole thing at a cost of $202.50 after the discount.  Cody has been my stylist for the past few fixes and I think she does an awesome job.  I’m glad I found a stylist who seems to get my style and finds interesting pieces that I wouldn’t have otherwise tried.  If you enjoy reading my stitch fix reviews and want to sign up, I’d be thrilled if you used my referral code.  🙂  Thanks!