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For the Makers – January review

This month’s For the Makers box arrived on the same day as Paper Pumpkin and I was really happy they got here in time for the weekend.  I ended up spending Sunday morning doing crafts.  Here’s what came in this month’s box.

For the Makers Sedona SunsetFor the Makers Sedona Sunset

This month’s collection was called “Sedona Sunset” and consisted of a chunky necklace, a stretchy bracelet, a faux leather notebook cover, and a clay bowl.  All of them were fun to make, and the degree of difficulty was pretty low compared to the necklace from last month with the super thick chain.

Here are the finished products:

For the Makers Sedona Sunset
Chunky Necklace

This one was fun to make, but the metal beads that hold the rope together were rather stubborn and again my jewelry pliers were too delicate to really close them so I borrowed a pair of heavier pliers from the toolbox in the garage.

For the Makers Sedona Sunset
stretchy bracelet

This one was super easy but really cute.  I will probably end up wearing it quite a bit.

For the Makers Sedona Sunset
Notebook cover

It’s hard to tell from the pic, but it’s a lavender faux leather notebook cover.  You sew the edge then attach the metal piece that holds it shut.  Pretty straightforward but I had to cover a notebook that already had a cute cover because it was the only one I had that fit.

For the Makers Sedona Sunset
Clay bowl

For this one, you needed an oven safe bowl to shape the clay and bake it in the oven, but I wasn’t sure if any of my cereal bowls were oven safe so I found the only thing that was specifically labeled as oven safe, and it was a small ramekin used for fondue.  The shape is a little weird, and the clay wasn’t quite as swirly as I had been hoping for, but it was a fun little project.

Overall, I think I liked the December kit best with all of the sparkle, but these were great projects for a slow Sunday afternoon.  I really like this subscription service!

For more about For the Makers, learn more here.