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Another winter week of outfits

Here’s what I wore last week.

Kate Spade Cape

Kate Spade CapeThis cape from Kate Spade had been hanging in my closet with a nice bag over the hanger to protect it for the last year or so.  I had purchased it on sale and was so excited to look at it in my closet that I failed to actually wear it.  It seemed worthy of a special occasion that never came up and so I finally decided one day that I was just wearing this to work for no reason at all, other than I love it.  I love the weight of it, the cut, and the fabric.  I felt a bit like a caped crusader.

Black Lace Dress from Golden Tote

black lace dress black lace dressI adore this dress.  The cut, the fabric, the way it looked awesome with my military jacket, all of it added up to awesome.  It looked cute without the jacket, but I ended up wearing the jacket all day at work to keep warm and it kept it casual.

Teal cowl neck from Stitch Fix

teal topI wore the teal cowlneck top from my last stitch fix with this super cozy furry cardigan I bought many years ago at the Nordstrom anniversary sale.  It was a very cozy outfit and kept me warm.

Navy Patterned Dress from Stitch Fix

black patterned dressI paired this navy and white shirt dress from Stitch Fix with a purple cardigan and black tights and boots.  I actually thought the dress was black and white until I got in my car and saw it in the dreary daylight.  I probably wouldn’t have worn black tights and boots if I knew it was navy, but I’m sure no one noticed.