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Heart shaped polka dots?

I feel like this still counts for my week of polka dots, but they are heart shaped so it’s a stretch.  I got tired of my usual pose and decided to try out the “fashion magazine model” pose.  I don’t know why you see so many models posing this way, because it’s incredibly awkward and not something you’d ever do in your day to day life, and yet if you want to make clothes look high fashion, simply turn our your elbows!

Heart shaped polka dot dress
Heart shaped polka dot dress

The dress is from Old Navy from a few years back, and so is the cardigan.  I love the color combination of black and white plus green.  The dress is super lightweight and was good for the 80 degree weather we had today.

Striped cardigan

I’ve had this outfit sitting in my closet for a while, but was waiting for the right weather/mood to wear it.  The skirt is a stretchy corduroy fabric in a nice off white color, paired with a navy silky tee and a striped cardigan.   I’m also wearing the necklace from my first stitch fix.

I like the overall look of the outfit, and found the skirt to be flattering for a pear shape since it hugged me at my widest part, then had a straight silhouette to the hem.  The stretchy fabric made it comfortable and easy to wear, and even though it was a bit on the shorter side I still felt relatively comfortable at work.  (That was until I tried to get into the backseat of someone’s two door car when we headed out for lunch.)  Aside from a minor mishap of completely missing the seat and potentially exposing more of myself than intended, I felt comfortable and put together for the rest of the day.

striped cardi and corduroy skirt
striped cardigan and corduroy skirt