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Boden Spring Picks

I had been dog-earing the latest Boden catalogs with zeal and finally decided to break down and order some of my picks.  I had been waiting until the weather warmed up because I don’t like having new clothes that I can’t wear for many months.  I often end up forgetting about them or not being as excited when it’s finally time to wear them.  Here’s what I got:

Casual Dip Back Sweater 

boden casual dip back sweater

To me this was much more like a sweatshirt than a sweater, but I loved it.  I wore it to work the next day and it was super cozy.  The inventory is running low on this one.

Sundowner Dress

Boden Sundowner Dress

Looking at this picture now I’m sad that I returned it, but when I tried it on I found that the neckline was just too low for me to feel comfortable at work.  Because of the way the dress is made with pleats at the top it sort of bloused out when I sat down and it was very low cut.  For this reason it just didn’t feel conservative enough for work but it was cute on.  I loved the fabric and pattern and could have paired it with any color cardigan.

Pretty Pleat Skirt and The Shirt

Boden Pretty Pleat Skirt and The Shirt

I had originally wanted this skirt in the mustard and grey color and had just been waiting to buy it but it was out of stock in my size so I got the red and blue instead.  I absolutely love the colors in person.  This is a very flattering skirt and I can’t wait to wear it.  I wonder if I should have gotten the long length just to be a little more work appropriate but my husband said it looked very professional and flattering and I should keep it.

I didn’t care for the shirt though and that went back.  I found the material very stiff and un-moving and I prefer softer fabrics on button ups.  I’ll pair the skirt with a different white button down.

Pall Mall Dress

Boden Pall Mall Dress

I really like this dress from the front, but in the back there is a seam that sticks out funny at the bottom and it makes me look almost like I have a tail or something.  I’m hoping if I iron it or wear it for a while it will be less stiff and look less odd.  Overall it’s a cute dress though.

Polka Dot Printed Jersey Shirt

Boden Printed Jersey Shirt


I love this knit blouse.  I already have it in a dachshund print and was excited to see it in red polka dots.  It looks super cute tucked into skirts too.  I have a few more items that I ordered after this batch so I’ll do another post when those arrive.