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PopSugar Must have box November + Thanksgiving Giveaway

I opened my November PopSugar box last night and was once again pleasantly surprised.  It was very heavy so I was excited to see what was adding all of the weight.

PopSugar Must Have Box November 2014


G.H. Cretors – Chicago Mix Popped Corn

PopSugar Must Have Box November 2014

This was the first thing I pulled out of the box in excitement.  I am a huge fan of Chicago style popcorn and get it locally from Kukuruza.  I’ve had this brand before too, and it’s pretty good.  (Nothing beats fresh warm chicago style popcorn though!)

Tiny Prints – Thoughtful Heart Stationary

PopSugar Must Have Box November 2014

This stationary was designed by the curator of PopSugar and is pretty cute.  I like having notecards on hand for any occasion.

Wine Glass Writer

PopSugar Must Have Box November 2014This is a cool idea.  I’ll definitely be using these when my in-laws are here for Thanksgiving so we can identify our glasses.

K. Hall Simpatico – Ambergris Shea Butter Cream

PopSugar Must Have Box November 2014

This one was really confusing to me.  The package had a whale on it and said something about a whale product, but it turns out its a vegan cream so I’m not sure why the whale?  My husband told me that Ambergris is actually whale vomit and was used by perfume manufactures, so I looked it up on Wikipedia and he was right.  (Gross!) It looks like this product does not contain it though.

Simon & Schuster – The Secret Recipes

PopSugar Must Have Box November 2014

This was written by the pastry chef behind the Cronut.  (It’s also what was adding the weight to the box.)  It would make a pretty coffee table book (I do not have a coffee table) and it’s pretty to look through.  There are recipes at the back so maybe I’ll try something.  I just got done making cake pops this weekend and have plans to make an apple pie for Thanksgiving so it won’t be soon.  🙂

and finally…

Thanksgiving Giveaway (Winner selected)

The last item that came in this box is a wallet on a chain, which I unfortunately have no use for.  I just recently purchased a Vera Bradley purse in order to give myself more room for my things, so this is definitely not going to cut it for me.  It is lovely though and a nice shade of blue so I thought I’d give a reader a chance to score it for free.

Sorial – Saffiano Wallet on a Chain

PopSugar Must Have Box November 2014

Winner Selected:  Congrats to trrsmile, I’ve contacted you to get your contact info and will get the wallet on a chair out to you early this week as soon as I get your address.

If I don’t hear from her by Tuesday night, I’ll select another winner.  Thanks!