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Stitch Fix April – It all went back

I decided to give Stitch Fix another try since I had some credit and unfortunately I had the same experience I’ve been having with the last two fixes.

Here was my note this time:

April note to stylist

And here’s what I got.

Stitch Fix April 2016

Collective Concepts – Kaira Split Neck Blouse $68

Stitch Fix April 2016Stitch Fix April 2016

Too short in the front and too boxy of a fit, definitely not good for my shape.

Maggy London – Ema Crepe V-neck Dress $118

Stitch Fix April 2016Stitch Fix April 2016

Okay print, horrible fabric (thick polyester) and HORRIBLE fit for a pear shape.  I never wear short sheath dresses like this.  I always go with fit and flare which is much better for my shape and what I have always requested.  The fit was even worse in the back with  bunching up and too tight some places too loose in others.

Kut From the Kloth – Gracelyn Pencil Skirt $58

Stitch Fix April 2016

This was an absolute miss.  Again, I have a pear shape.  Pencil skirts never work.  It was about 8 inches too big in the waist and way too tight in the thighs.  My husband saw me and commented, “how can that be too big and too small at the same time??”  Because it was never meant for my body.  (The next pic shows it on.)

Pixley – Tamarindo Blazer $68

Stitch Fix April 2016Stitch Fix April 2016

The shape was okay and the pattern was cute, but it was a thick polyester un-breathable fabric and I couldn’t bend my arms comfortably because there was no stretch.  For someone who is on a keyboard all day at work this was a no go.

41Hawthorn – Thompsen Striped Zipper-Back Pullover Sweater $64

Stitch Fix April 2016Stitch Fix April 2016This was the only maybe, but the fabric was incredibly thin, the zipper pulled away weird in the back where it ended and the neckline was too wide.  For a sweater it wouldn’t actually keep me warm at all.  Plus the length was a little longer than I’d like.  For $64 I can do better.

So all of it is going back.  They sent me an email the next day asking if I’d be willing to try again if they waive the styling fee.  I honestly can’t decide if I should bother.  Unless they do an amazing job and find 5 pieces I really like, the prices are too high without the discount and I have little faith they’ll find 5 things that fit well and are my style.