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Golden Tote May Review

The May Golden Tote has arrived!!

Golden Tote May

Golden Tote MayFor those of you unfamiliar with Golden Tote, it is a subscription clothing service where you can opt in each month by picking either one item for $49 or two items for $149.  If you pick the $49 tote, they will send you an additional 1-2 surprise items, and if you pick the $149 tote you will get an additional 3-5 surprise items.  Unlike Stitch Fix you don’t get to pick and choose what you keep, with Golden Tote it is an all or nothing deal, but it is usually worth the price even if you don’t like all of the items.  The items are very similar to what you would find at Anthropologie.

Here’s what I picked for the May Tote:

Golden Tote May

Golden Tote May
Floral blouse

Golden Tote May

I really love this first pick.  The colors on the blouse are beautiful and the fabric is so soft and comfortable.  Great first pick!

My second pick was the off white kimono:

Golden Tote May

Golden Tote MayGolden Tote May

I love the embroidered design on the back and it has a nice fit where it is longer in back.  Very different piece from what I would normally pick, but I like it.

Here were the four surprise items:

Golden Tote May
Priddy dress
Golden Tote May
Naked Zebra Dress
Golden Tote May
Renee C Chevron Dolman Top
Golden Tote May
Under Skies Halter Tank


Of the four surprise items, I liked two of them pretty well.

Golden Tote May(Sorry for the horribly blurry picture), this dress was a surprise to me.  At first I thought I could never pull it off because it’s quite short and thin, but when I added leggings, short black booties and a long necklace, I ended up really liking it.  This is a great find for me.

Golden Tote MayI also liked this dolman top.  The fabric is super soft and it drapes nicely.  I just wasn’t sure how far to pull the band down at the bottom because it’s fitted and long.  This length seemed to work okay.

And finally for the two items I didn’t care for.

Golden Tote May

I don’t really ever wear tops that show my arms so you’d never even see that this was a halter tank.  Also it’s see through so you need to wear something underneath and a tank with straps would always show through.  Just not my style.

The other thing that didn’t work was the Priddy dress.  I don’t even have a picture of me wearing it because it was that bad on me.  It was super short and did nothing for my figure.  (I’ve already been feeling somewhat bad about my body lately so I wasn’t going to create photographic evidence for what I’ve been thinking.)

Giveaway is now over

Congratulations to Jenn B. for the Speckled Tank, and Debbie P. for the Priddy Dress.  I’ll be putting those in the mail sometime this week.  Watch your mailboxes!

Golden Tote May Golden Tote May


Overall Impressions

Overall, I think this month’s Golden Tote was worthwhile and fun.  I love seeing what the surprise items are and the two I picked worked out well for me.  If they have cute items again next month I’ll definitely consider Golden Tote again.  If you decide to check it out, please use my referral link.  Thanks!


My missing Stitch Fix has appeared!

This afternoon we were pulling away from the house to go grab some lunch, and what did I see on my porch?  A stitch fix box!!  Apparently the one that was packed on 2/5 somehow magically made it’s way to my house.  I eagerly opened it up to see what was inside, and while I wasn’t thrilled with what I saw, I ended up liking most of it.  Here’s my February Fix.

Stitch Fix #9I had asked for more patterned pieces this time, and apparently that amounted to stripes.  At least there was only one solid colored piece.

Ezra Haines Striped Dolman Sleeve Top $48

Stitch Fix #9 Stitch Fix #9

Stitch Fix #9By itself I don’t love this top.  The scoop goes pretty low in the front and the back has a really open neck too which makes me feel cold.  Since it is a nice light layer though with soft fabric I paired it with a military style jacket like the card suggested and it makes a great layering piece.  Also looks cute with the necklace.

41Hawthorn Wrenn V-Neck Cap Sleeve Jersey Top $48

Stitch Fix #9 Stitch Fix #9Stitch Fix #9Again, by itself I don’t really care for this top.  The color is nice and I like the neckline, but it needs to have a top layer.  It also looked really cute with the necklace from this fix.  Overall I’d say it’s a decent layering piece but definitely needs a good ironing first!

Under Skies Travers Short Sleeve Striped Knit Shirt $38

Stitch Fix #9 Stitch Fix #9Stitch Fix #9The fabric on this top is soft, but I’m not loving the navy and the sleeves were tight on my arms.  (I seem to have abnormally large upper arms, despite almost never working out.)  Again it would be cute under other items I own.  I think it would look cute under a white jean jacket which I’ve been eying on the Old Navy site.  I guess now I’ll have an excuse to buy it.

TCEC Roxanna Chevron Open Knit Cardigan $58

Stitch Fix #9 Stitch Fix #9Stitch Fix #9This was my least favorite piece.  I’m not a fan of drapey cardigans (which I’ve stated in my profile before) and I don’t think this works for my body type.  Since I was considering keeping the other 4 pieces I decided to go ahead and keep this in order to get the 25% discount.  Otherwise this would have been going back.

Bay to Baubles Tatiana Delicate Rhinestone Pave Necklace

Stitch Fix #9

Love the necklace.  It’s delicate but also unique.  I’ll definitely be wearing this one a lot.

Overall Impressions

Nothing really thrilled me with this fix, but for the total price of $153 I decided to keep everything.  I think some of the tops will make good layering pieces an I can definitely wear them under some of my favorite jackets.  I had really been hoping for some patterned blouses, but maybe that’s just not something they are carrying right now.

If you like reading my stitch fix reviews and are interested in signing up for a fix, I’d be grateful if you use my referral code.  Thanks!