Patterned shorts for a pear shaped lady

Today is the last warm day for a while according to the forecast, so I decided to pull a pair of shorts out of the drawer.  I rarely wear shorts because as I’ve mentioned before it is incredibly hard to find ones that fit my body.  The ones I wanted to wear today were from Ann Taylor Loft, but not the curvy fit, just regular fit.  I had to do what I’ve described as “creative mending” to the waistband to get them to come in enough so they aren’t gaping a ton.  As long as I wear a long enough top it’s okay because the poorly done stitching doesn’t show through.

I’ve seen a lot of looks in magazines where the models will be wearing a blazer with shorts that I wanted to try to replicate.  While it looks good, it never struck me as practical, because if it is cool enough to wear a blazer wouldn’t you be too cold to wear shorts?  (Especially the tiny ones they show on models.)  Nevertheless, I thought it was a cute look, so when I’m in a store with air conditioning I’ll throw on the blazer, but for most of the day I’ll just be wearing the white tee by itself.

Patterned shorts and blazer
Patterned shorts and blazer


patterned shorts and tee
patterned shorts and tee

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