Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today I decided to dress up a bit more than usual since I’m going out to a movie after work with my hubby.  I paired this stretchy red pencil skirt with a black heart print blouse and a pair of adorable scotty dog shoes.  I’ve had these shoes for years but never had a chance to wear them until now.

red pencil skirt
Valentine’s Date Outfit
Scotty Dog Shoes
Close up of shoes

And here are a few other outfits I put together this week.

Boden bird sweaterThis is a sweater and skirt I got from Boden and had been waiting for an opportunity to wear.  The skirt is my favorite color and I love the fit and pattern of the sweater.

Heritage Sweater – Boden $76.80

Wool Skater Skirt – Boden $70.80

stitch fix wrap topThis is a wrap top I got in my last stitch fix, and I’m wearing it with a necklace I made from “For the Makers”.  The top was an interesting piece and I’m glad it made it into my last fix.


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